A day in the life of Lain

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List of things to include:

  • Reality-warping
  • Messaging Alice in school
  • Cyberia option
  • Plenty of exploration of the Wired
  • Working on her NAVI
  • Ridiculous bad endings
  • Bear suits


Reality is broken. Only Lain notices at first, but gradually, everyone starts talking about it. Lain has to work out how to fix everything using the Wired and by exploring her own potential.


  • Social: Increased by talking to people in school. Allows Lain to do friend things.
  • NAVI: Increased by upgrading the NAVI and by doing some things on the Wired. Allows Lain to advance the plot by finding things on the Wired.
  • Weird: Increased by accidentally using her powers. Allows Lain to advance the plot by making strange things happen. As this increases, people start talking to Lain about it. Yasuo or Mika might be the first. Alice should be the last.

Day 1

Scene 1

Mum: "Lain!"

Mum: "Lain, wake up!"

...Huh? Isn't it the middle of the night?

...No, it isn't. I just forgot to open my eyes again. No wonder it was so dark.

...The time... I have to get up now. The teacher will be mad at me if I'm late for class.

I walk to the train station as usual and soon arrive at school.

Huh? What's going on?

I'm sure my school should be full of people at this time of day... But I can't see anyone. I can't hear anyone. Shouldn't there be crowds of students walking through the gates? Shouldn't there be noisy chattering?

...Oh, I can see someone.

...I can see everyone.

I wonder why I didn't notice them there before.

Well, never mind. It must be nothing. I'll just head to my classroom.

There's still some time before class starts.

What should I do?

Scene 2

(Social +1)

Alice: Good morning, Lain!

Lain: Good morning...

Alice: Hey, have you heard? This girl in the next class saw a UFO this morning! Isn't that cool? I wonder if the aliens will be nice to us.

Lain: ...Huh...? Really?

Alice: Maybe if we go outside today, we'll see a UFO flying around and we can make friends with aliens! What do you think, Lain?

Lain: ...Sure.

Alice: It would be awesome if the aliens came to our school, right? What do you think the teachers will do, Lain?

Lain: ...I don't know...

Alice: Maybe class will be cancelled, or maybe the aliens will be our teachers today! Doesn't that sound like fun?

Lain: Yeah.

(Lain will get less socially awkward as Social increases)

Scene 3

(NAVI +1)

I open my HandiNAVI and check my usual sites.

...Huh? There have been UFO sightings everywhere this morning.

"I was birdwatching and then suddenly I saw this weird yellow thing zigzagging everywhere!"

"Ehhhh? But I saw one and it was pink!"

"Who's been making all this stuff up?"

"It's real! It almost crashed into my house!"

"Pics or it didn't happen lol"

"I took a picture of it on my phone. Here's the link."

I clicked the link and waited for the image to load.

...Huh? This image looks kind of familiar, somehow...

Scene 4

(Weird +1)

I take out my notebook and doodle some random lines in it. Circles. Hey, it kind of looks like something.

...I turn it into a UFO.

Maybe I should draw aliens in it. Cute aliens who wear bear suits. Maybe also striped sweaters. Striped bear suits?

Yeah. These aliens like teddy bears. They're here to import our teddy bears.

I kind of like this drawing. It would be nice if these aliens were real. Maybe they'll be friends with me.

Scene 5

The screen shakes. A loud rumble is heard.

What was that?

Everyone's rushing over to the window. I can't see a thing.

A day in the life of Lain
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