A day in the life of Lain

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List of things to include:

  • Reality-warping
  • Messaging Alice in school
  • Cyberia option
  • Plenty of exploration of the Wired
  • Working on her NAVI
  • Ridiculous bad endings
  • Bear suits


Reality is broken. Only Lain notices at first, but gradually, everyone starts talking about it. Lain has to work out how to fix everything using the Wired and by exploring her own potential.


  • Social: Increased by talking to people in school. Allows Lain to do friend things.
  • NAVI: Increased by upgrading the NAVI and by doing some things on the Wired. Allows Lain to advance the plot by finding things on the Wired.
  • Weird: Increased by accidentally using her powers. Allows Lain to advance the plot by making strange things happen. As this increases, people start talking to Lain about it. Yasuo or Mika might be the first. Alice should be the last.

Start of the day

Day 1

Mum: "Lain!"

Mum: "Lain, wake up!"

...Huh? Isn't it the middle of the night?

...No, it isn't. I just forgot to open my eyes again. No wonder it was so dark.

...The time... Isn't it still kind of early?

  1. ...Too early. Go back to sleep.
  2. No, I don't want to be late.


Yeah, it's Saturday. No need to wake up so early.

I'll just sleep in a bit longer...

The sun is hurting my eyes. I guess it's almost noon. Time to get up.

My breakfast is still on the table. I guess my mother left it there for me.

I quickly eat everything. If I don't, she'll complain at me again.

  • Weekend menu 1


I have to get up now. The teacher will be mad at me if I'm late for class.

I walk to the train station as usual and soon arrive at school.

Huh? What's going on?

I'm sure my school should be full of people at this time of day... But I can't see anyone. I can't hear anyone. Shouldn't there be crowds of students walking through the gates? Shouldn't there be noisy chattering?

...Oh, I can see someone.

...I can see everyone.

I wonder why I didn't notice them there before.

Well, never mind. It must be nothing. I'll just head to my classroom.

  • School menu 2

Day 2 onwards

What day is it today?

  1. A weekend
  2. A school day


It's the weekend. Should I sleep in or get up early?

A. Sleep in B. Get up


Yeah, I guess I can sleep a bit longer. There's not much to do today, anyway.

  • Weekend menu 1


I should get up now. There's a lot to do today.

  • Weekend menu 2


I have to go to school today. Better not be late.

  • School menu 1

Weekend menu 1

What am I going to do this afternoon?

  1. Visit the Wired
  2. Go outside

Weekend menu 2

What was it that I had to do today?

  1. Upgrade my NAVI
  2. Explore the Wired
  3. Go shopping with friends (Social points >5)


(NAVI points +1)

School menu 1

I stand in my usual spot on the train, watching the cables go by outside the window. Everyone's talking really loudly. What should I do?

  1. Ignore them
  2. Tell them to shut up


I don't do anything. The journey to school isn't that long, anyway.

I get to my classroom quite quickly.

  • School menu 2


(Weird points +1)

Lain: Shut up.

The people suddenly fall silent. What? I was really quiet, they shouldn't even have been able to hear me.

The rest of the train journey is really awkward. I feel a sense of relief when I settle into my seat in the noisy classroom.

  • School menu 2

School menu 2

There's still time before class. What should I do?

  1. Talk with Alice
  2. Go on the Wired
  3. Doodle in my notebook


(Social points +1)


(NAVI points <2)

There isn't really anything interesting going on right now.

(NAVI points >=2)

Someone just emailed me. Who is it?

  1. Alice
  2. Chisa
  3. Taro
  4. A stranger


(Weird points +1)

I randomly draw lines in my notebook.

A day in the life of Lain
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