Cyberia Layer:04

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Cyberia Layer:04
Cyberia Layer04 Cover.png
Release date December 17, 2022
Media format CD, Album
Artists Chikada "J.J" Wasei
Related franchise Anime
Genre Techno, House, Trance, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Chillout, Rock, etc.
Play length 58:00

Three years after the last album, "Cyberia Layer:03," many of the songs on this album, such as "Fulfill The Prophecy" and "Memory Is Just A Record," are titled with keywords from the anime "Serial Experiments Lain. The album also includes a variety of genres such as Techno, House, Trance, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Chill Out, Rock, etc. Enjoy JJ's diverse world of remixes and "Uta-mono" songs (with lyrics). Of course, the cover art for this album was also created by Yoshitoshi ABe, who specially drew the illustration for this album.

Track List

Cyberia Layer:04
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Intro"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 1:08
2. "Memory Is Just A Record"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 4:56
3. "Fullfill The Prophecy"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 05:33
4. "Wired (JJ's Cyberia On The Floor Mix)"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 4:32
5. "Distortion (Thousand Knives Mix)"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 5:01
6. "Coma"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 3:51
7. "I Am You"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 3:37
8. "MEMEX"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 5:08
9. "My Loving Hear Years For You"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 6:04
10. "Restos (JJ's Cyber Mix)"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 5:21
11. "Goodnight, Navi."  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 5:19
12. "Lunar Eclipse"  Wasei "JJ" Chikada 7:30
Total length:

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