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|location=[[School]], [[Shibuya]]
|location=[[School]], [[Shibuya]]
|voiceactors=[https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1280472/|Manabi Mizuno] (Japanese), Alexis A. Edwards (English)
|voiceactors=Manabi Mizuno (Japanese),
Alexis A. Edwards (English)

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Juri Katou
Kato Juri.jpg
Gender Female
Age 14
Family Unknown
Affiliation None
NAVI Unknown
Debut Layer 01
Featured in Anime
Location School, Shibuya
Voice Actor(s) Manabi Mizuno (Japanese),

Alexis A. Edwards (English)

Kato Juri (加藤 樹莉 Kato Juri) is a friend of Lain at school. Juri's friends include Yamamoto Reika and Mizuki Alice.

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