Let's all love Lain

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Let's all love Lain
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(For now, written in Alice's POV. If it doesn't work, it could change to someone else's- Taro's, Yasuo's, maybe just an unnamed stranger's? This is Alice narrating Layer 12.)

And now, the following message:

Let's all love Lain.

Let's all love Lain. Let's all love Lain. Let's all love Lain.

Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain Lain LainLainLainLainLainLainLainLainLainLainLain

I love you, Lain.

Stay there, OK? I'm coming to find you right now. It's lonely being in the real world, right? Don't worry, I'll be right there for you.

Then, you won't have to connect through the Wired anymore.

Then, you won't have to connect with all those other people, all those strangers who could be dangerous, just to heal your loneliness.

After all, I'm your friend, right? This is what friends are for.

It's only halfway through the school day, but I really can't concentrate. What am I doing sitting in this classroom, staring at 'Lain', when I know that she's a fake and the real Lain has been missing for days?

Look at her, smiling and laughing and disgustingly fake. Look at her. That can't be Lain. That thing can't be the shy and quiet and surprisingly strong Lain who I know. It can't be.

...And yet, nobody noticed. Nobody else knows that she's a fake, just like nobody remembers that rumour about me. There's nobody I can talk to.

Maybe Lain actually did change everyone's memories. Maybe she left me alone with the truth just so I could suffer. I'm sure Lain is watching me right now - I don't know how, but I can feel it. What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to make Lain hate me?

...Maybe I'm just going insane.

I have to find Lain. I need her. She needs me. I have to find her.

It's such a relief when the bell signals the end of school. I try to summon hope again and speak to Reika and Juri. They were Lain's friends, too, right? Maybe they noticed...

Alice: Reika! Juri! Have you seen Lain?

Reika: What are you talking about? She was sitting right there in class.

Juri: Yeah, we talked with her, remember?

Alice: No, that's not what I meant...

Where are you, Lain? That wasn't the real Lain. Where is the real Lain?

Reika and Juri aren't Lain's real friends, after all, so I ignore them and leave school on my own, heading home quickly to change into casual wear - something bright and pretty and might make Lain happy and then maybe my torture would stop...

Taking a deep breath, I press Lain's doorbell.