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[https://qorg11.net/vid/Lain%20Upgrades%20for%20TV.webm Lain Upgrades for TV]
[https://qorg11.net/vid/Lain%20Upgrades%20for%20TV.webm Lain Upgrades for TV]
== References ==
== References ==

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Serial experiments lain collector's edition is a special edition of the anime series released in Spain[1] (by Selecta Visión) and France. Only 1500 copies were produced. It includes 5 DVDs featuring the 13 layers of the anime, the American release of Cyberia Mix and extra content: upgrades for tv and cd, opening and ending without text, interviews with the staff, a copy of The Nightmare of Fabrication, and a 'CoplandOS manual' which includes illustrations and layers guide.

Collector's edition box
CoplandOS manual
Lain poster

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