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Serial Experiments Lain OST
Release date
Media format
Artists Reichi Nakaido
Related franchise Anime
Genre electronic, ambient, rock
Play length 49:19

The Serial Experiments Lain OST is the official soundtrack for the anime. It includes the closing theme by Reichi Nakaido. However, this track was removed in the US release. The other songs, which appeared as inserts and background music in the anime, were also written by Nakaido.

Track list

  1. Lain's Theme (Lainのテーマ; "Lain no Theme") – 3:08
  2. Pulse Beat (パルス・ビート) – 2:48
  3. Inner Vision (インナー・ビジョン) – 2:54
  4. Strange Dimension Of Mist (霧の異次元 "Kiri no i jigen") – 3:38
  5. Free Zone (フリー・ゾーン) – 2:00
  6. Working Man's Theme (Working Manのテーマ; "Working Man no Theme") – 4:00
  7. Like a Lizard… (トカゲのように…; "Tokage no you ni…") – 3:01
  8. Albatross' Ballad (阿呆鳥のバラード; "Ahoudori no Ballad") – 3:24
  9. Theme for Slope (坂道のテーマ; "Sakamichi no Theme") – 3:11
  10. Cry in the Distance ~End Theme~ (遠い叫び 〜エンディング・テーマ〜; "Toui sakebi ~Ending Theme~") – 4:53 (Not present in the US edition)
  11. Lonely Signal ~Image Song~ (孤独のシグナル 〜イメージソング〜; "Kodoku no Signal ~Image Song~") – 6:27
  12. Lain's Theme (Reprise)(Lainのテーマ (Reprise); "Lain no Theme (Reprise)") – 1:05
  13. Space-Time Wind (時空の風; "Jikuu no kaze") – 5:24
  14. Family Portrait (家族の肖像; "Kazoku no shouzou") – 3:26
Lain poster that comes with the CD
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