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Do we want the setting to be 1999 tech, or modern? I would personally vote for modern, because it will be simpler to think about, and Lain with a smartphone could be interesting.

Scenes that should exist in this story:

  • work on upgrading computers. Perhaps buying a pressure gauge somewhere?
  • part of the splitting paths could be deciding if you go out or work on your computer each night (or if you even get to choose), and how upgraded the pc is could affect further scenes appearing or not [eg- playing an online game or not])

What if we make it into a time loop in a Kagetsu Tohya style, where you can raise flags and accumulate points that change the second, third etc. playthroughs? That way, each time it's played, only a day passes, but we can still make progress and watch Lain cover her room in wires and coolant. EDIT: Also, I put an example of the reality-warping qualities of this story. Perhaps we could use the school days for comedy and introduce serious plot elements into the weekends? Amysteriousgal 02:26, 16 December 2012 (UTC)