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Do we want the setting to be 1999 tech, or modern? I would personally vote for modern, because it will be simpler to think about, and Lain with a smartphone could be interesting.

Scenes that should exist in this story:

  • work on upgrading computers. Perhaps buying a pressure gauge somewhere?
  • part of the splitting paths could be deciding if you go out or work on your computer each night (or if you even get to choose), and how upgraded the pc is could affect further scenes appearing or not [eg- playing an online game or not])
have social points and pc points. some events require at least however many of whatever kind of points, and some actions could grant/require both (Lain goes to hacker-con?).

What if we make it into a time loop in a Kagetsu Tohya style, where you can raise flags and accumulate points that change the second, third etc. playthroughs? That way, each time it's played, only a day passes, but we can still make progress and watch Lain cover her room in wires and coolant. EDIT: Also, I put an example of the reality-warping qualities of this story. Perhaps we could use the school days for comedy and introduce serious plot elements into the weekends? Amysteriousgal 02:26, 16 December 2012 (UTC)
I think looping on the day might be too short, unless we want to go into very minute detail,or we expect a large number of playthroughs, but in that case we would have to make a lot of content, so it might as well just be a continuous playthrough. I could see there being a bad end that is some sort of failed reset, so it goes back to almost the same, and maybe she manages to leave herself clues on the second time through (like that one star trek tng episode).Bytor 03:48, 16 December 2012 (UTC)
I've played a bunch of slow-paced VNs recently, and there's a lot that we could do with one day, especially with the reality-warping effect. The more choices we include, the more replayable this story becomes, anyway. How about if time doesn't pass unless you make it the weekend? That would mean that the school day options won't change between playthroughs, but the weekend options will constantly change for a few days. On the ending menu after a day, the player can choose to go back and select another story or to live another day as Lain. After the first playthrough, I think this waking up scene won't be used anymore, but there can be an option that says "Today is... A weekday/A weekend". ...Or we could just organise this game into about a week's worth of, uh, Laining? The problem there is that we're forced to follow her actual weekly schedule, while the daily loop option would let us (and the readers) to be more flexible in which days to read about. Hmm... The reset idea is nice. Have you written any mystery stories before? I always wanted to try it. Amysteriousgal 08:34, 16 December 2012 (UTC)