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|debut = [[Serial Experiments Lain (game)|Game]]
|debut = [[Serial Experiments Lain (game)|Game]]
|featuredin = [[Serial Experiments Lain (game)|Game]]
|featuredin = [[Serial Experiments Lain (game)|Game]]
|location = [[Tachibana General Laboratories]], [[Touko's Apartment]]
|location = [[Tachibana General Laboratories]], Touko's Apartment

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Touko Yonera
Artbook Touko.png
Gender Female
Age 27
Family Unknown
Affiliation Tachibana General Laboratories
NAVI Yonera Touko's NAVI
Debut Game
Featured in Game
Location Tachibana General Laboratories, Touko's Apartment
Voice Actor(s)

Yonera Touko (米良柊子, also romanized as Yonera Tohko), is a 27-year-old psychiatrist employed by Tachibana General Laboratories' psychology department.. In the Serial Experiments Lain PSX game, she is Iwakura Lain's psychiatrist, and the lover of Takashi and, later, Yoshida. She is driven to suicide by Lain shortly before Lain's suicide and assimilation into the Wired. Her boss is Professor Takashima and she hates him because he dumps chores onto her.

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