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Adapted by: Amysteriousgal

Last updated 2012-12-14

Layer 04: Religion

--What's your name?


--You're in seventh grade? Eighth grade?


--Do you like school?

[(long pause) ...Uh-huh.]

--What subject do you like?


--Are you in any clubs?

[(shakes head silently)]

--Do you go straight home after school?


--Do you have friends?


--What do you and your friends do for fun?


--Well, what do you do?

[...(thinks for a while) ...Talk.]

--What about?


--Where do you go to talk?


--You don't like talking with each other in person?


--What kind of place is the Wired, to you?

[...A place where people connect with other people - the top level of the real world hierarchy.]

--(weak laugh) Who told you that?

[My dad.]

--Do you love your father?

[(Long pause... nods)]

--What kind of Navigator do you use to access the Wired?

[When I was in sixth grade... my dad... bought it for me...]

--Do you like operating this kind of machine?


--Do you dislike questions like these?


--You dislike talking about yourself?



[...(long pause)...Because...]


[Because I'm... I'm me, but I'm not me. I mean, I'm just me...]

--Who told you that?




--What god?

[The god of the Wired.]

--There's a god of the Wired? You believe that?


--Answer me.



[...There is if I believe there is...]

--That answer isn't good enough.

[...There is... a god...]

--Alright, fine. The god of the Wired is the god of the top level of the real world hierarchy - in other words, a being that controls the entire world. Is that right?

[...Who are you?]

Layer 07: Society

Last Sunday, I went out with my family.

We went to our relatives' house in Fujisawa. All of us together.

We left at the time I usually leave for school.

On our way to the station, my mother noticed that she forgot something, so we went back to the house.

It was the first time we went to their house in Fujisawa. No, I was mistaken. We've been there several times. I just forget things sometimes.

When meeting my uncle and aunt, I greeted them with "nice to meet you" by mistake, and they laughed at me.

I don't remember what happened while I was in the train.

But I think I heard my father and mother talk quietly about the medicine all the way.

I was listening absentmindedly.

Then, I began to feel as if I was at school and I felt sick.

I endured it all the way through. When I met my uncle and aunt, I said "hello". No, I said "nice to meet you". Were my father and mother there?

Last Sunday, I went out alone.

I went to my relatives' house in Fujisawa alone.

Layer 13: Ego

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