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Concerning the last section of the article, it should be noted that the Wikipedia page on John C. Lilly currently makes no mention of ECCO; also, that Project Xanadu is not a conspiracy theory. (I don't think ECCO is really a conspiracy theory either.) The only reason they mentioned Project Xanadu was because of some flimsy relationship it has with Nazca lines, which people have suspected of being an alien landing site. In fact, the whole point of all that trivia in Layer 09 was not necessarily to introduce conspiracy theories, but to relate the history of the Wired to supernatural phenomena. They meant to imply that the world's neural network has extraterrestrial origins, that it was created due to the influence of aliens. It's a point that seems to be largely ignored by Lain fandom. Think about the LGM, the MIBs; it's all about the extraterrestrials. The Wired, Protocol 7, and Lain were all created because of aliens- either as a means of communicating with them, or by the aliens themselves in order to serve their purposes. Probably. new pic post!!! 06:38, 25 January 2014 (UTC)