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'Gotcha' girlA day in the life of LainAccela
Alice's NAVIAlice's teacher
Alice 6All I Ever Needed To Know In This Fragile Layer Of Existence We Call The Real World I Learned From Serial Experiments Lain
Apple Inc. references
Bear suit
Becoming GodBike-chan
BossCU Mail
Cheshire CatChiaki Konaka
Chibi Chibi LainChikada WaseiChildren's NAVI
Come to the Wired
ConspiracyCopland OSCrosstalk
CyberiaDelivery man
E-mailEiri Masami
FanworksFemale teacherFreeter
Give some examples of cybernetic systems at play in specific visual texts. What metaphors of the body in contemporary society do they suggest? And to what commodity end are they marketed?God
High school seniorIdentity
InterviewsIwakura Lain
Iwakura MihoIwakura MikaIwakura Yasuo
Iwakura Yasuo's NAVIJJ
KIDSKato Juri
Knights of the Eastern Calculus
LPR-309Lain's NAVI
Lain's hairclipLain's house
Lain BOOTLEGLain visual novel project
Layer 01Layer 01 CreditsLayer 01 Script
Layer 02Layer 02 CreditsLayer 02 Script
Layer 03Layer 03 ScriptLayer 04
Layer 04 ScriptLayer 05Layer 05 Script
Layer 06Layer 06 ScriptLayer 07
Layer 07 ScriptLayer 08Layer 08 Script
Layer 09Layer 09 ScriptLayer 10
Layer 10 ScriptLayer 11Layer 11 Script
Layer 12Layer 12 AnalysisLayer 12 Script
Layer 13Layer 13 ScriptLayers (illustrations)
Let's all love LainLooker illustrationsLove Experiments Lain
Main Page
Masatsugu ShokoMasatsugu Shou
MemoryMen in Black
Mizuki AliceMorizumi Ali
NAVINakamura RyuutarouNet News
NezumiOmnipresence in Wired
PHANTOMaProfessor Hodgeson
Protocol Seven
RealityReichi Nakaido
ResetRumours in the Wired
Scenario Experiments LainSchool
Schumann resonancesSerial Experiments: Lain as a Reflection of Modern Japanese Anxieties in the Digital EraSerial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain: Cyberia MixSerial Experiments Lain: RootSerial Experiments Lain (anime)
Serial Experiments Lain (game)Serial Experiments Lain OSTSerial Experiments Lain Official Guide
Serial Experiments Lain Ultimate Fan Guide
Shimizu Kaori
Source codeSpires
Suicide in Serial Experiments Lain
Tachibana Laboratories
Takuyoshi MasuokaTaroTaro's NAVI
The Nightmare of FabricationThe Problem of Existence in Japanese Animation
The Real Verses the VirtualThe Sight of Your God Disturbs Me: Questioning the Post-Christian Bodies of Buffy, Lain, and GeorgeThe Wired
The boss's NAVIThe role of technology in modern society according to Serial Experiments:
Thought Experiments LainTo what commodity end are concepts of the ‘post-human’ and the ‘cyborg’ marketed? Give screen and theoretical examples of each.Tomo
Tooi SakebiTypographics
Ueda YasuyukiVKK 320: Decoding Virtual Culture in the Media - a case-study of Serial Experiments Lain
VisualWiredVisual Experiments LainVisual Novel Experiments Lain
Weather Break
Yamamoto ReikaYomoda Chisa
Yonera ToukoYonera Touko's NAVIYoshitoshi ABe
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