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Taro (タロウ Tarō) is a boy, aged 11, who frequents Cyberia. Although not a formal member, he often works with the Knights of the Eastern Calculus. He is a PK in PHANTOMa.

Gender Male
Age 11
Family Unknown
Affiliation KIDS
Debut Layer 02
Featured in Anime
Location Cyberia
Voice Actor(s) Keito Takimoto (Japanese),

Ian Hawk (English), Hernán Bravo (Spanish)


Little of Taro's life before the start of the series is known.

At the age of around ten, Taro began to frequent the Cyberia nightclub; it is assumed that it is here he met his girlfriend Myu-Myu and best friend Masayuki. He met Lain Iwakura upon her asking him about the Psyche processor, but knew her previously in the Wired; he asks her out, and subsequently dates her. In her room, Lain uses psychological warfare(Track 44) in order to extract the fact that he is in contact with the Knights of the Eastern Calculus. After the Reset, Taro is seen playing with Masayuki, Myu-myu, the Cyberia suicide and a female victim of PHANTOMa; he does not recognize Lain.

Pre-Reset Taro shows some signs of obsession with Lain, having watched her "always" in the Wired, and calling her an "angel" when breaking the news of their date to Masayuki and Myu-myu.

Personality and private life

Taro is very fickle with girls; despite being Myu-myu's boyfriend, he asks out both Lain and Mika Iwakura in the same short time. However, the only girl that he is known to have kissed is Lain.