Masuoka Takuyoshi

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Masuoka Takuyoshi
Takuyoshi masuoka.jpeg
Gender Male
Affiliation Knights of the Eastern Calculus
Featured in Anime
Location Shibuya
Voice Actor(s)

Takuyoshi Masuoka is a member of the Knights of the Eastern Calculus. He is an elite businessman and the first to be killed by the Men in Black in Layer 10 when the Knights' identities are revealed. According to Visual Experiments Lain, his Wired handle is CAT.


Interesting icons
  • In Layer 07, Masuoka is called away from his office to attend an EMA Motors Consortium. The term "EMA motor" refers to the technology of Edwin Gray, motors that allegedly recharge the same batteries they run from. [1]
  • Also in Layer 07, he checks his email and his computer screen is shown. The OS interface was designed by Nakahara Junji, and the rotating CGI Knights symbol was made by Ueda Yasuyuki. The icons are interestingly named. On the far right the icon named GATEWAY_PASS is a reference to the Serial Experiments Lain PSX game. Other icons are apparently emails from Ueda (he's tired) and Abe (a reference to Weather Break).
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