Yomoda Chisa

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Yomoda Chisa
Yomoda Chisa.jpg
Gender Female
Age 13
Family Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
NAVI Unknown
Debut Layer 01
Featured in Anime
Location School, Shibuya
Voice Actor(s) Kotomi Muto (Japanese), Lia Sargent (English)

Chisa (四方田千砂 Yomoda Chisa) is a girl who commits suicide at the beginning of Layer 01. She has poor social skills and prefers to live on The Wired. She goes to the same school as Lain. Before the events of the anime, she was taken to Cyberia once by Alice, Reika and Juri but did not enjoy being there. She also walked home with Lain once.

After her suicide, she sends out emails to people in her school, telling them to come to the Wired soon and that God is there. She reappears throughout the anime, although only Lain seems to be able to see her.

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