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Chiaki Konaka is the sole scenario writer and series composer for the Serial Experiments Lain anime and game. For the anime, he also did digital effects processing of film clips used in Layer 07 and Layer 09. According to Visual Experiments Lain, he was originally going to school to become a film director, but after using a word processor for the first time he changed fields to script writing, specializing in horror and fantasy. He is known for his dark storylines and for using cyberpunk themes in his work, and often shows Lovecraftian and (especially) Carrollian influences. Examples of these include Ghost Hound, Texhnolyze, and Malice@Doll. Besides anime, he has also written for live-action television and tokusatsu.


  • He has a hobby of designing dolls. He made dolls for Lain and other works he was involved in, such as The Big O and Malice@doll.
  • His younger brother, Kazuya Konaka (小中和哉), is a film and TV director. They have collaborated on a few projects, including Alice 6 and the 1992 drama Kuma-chan.
  • He makes digital music, which can be heard on his web site.
  • Prior to doing SEL, he wrote the 1995 television drama Alice 6.
  • He also wrote the scenario of Alice in Cyberland, a 1996 PlayStation game, as well as an OVA animation of the same name. The game is described on ja.wikipedia as a combination gal game and adventure game. Its main characters are called Alice, Juri, and Rena.

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