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Visual Experiments Lain is a book of illustrations and information about the Serial Experiments Lain anime. It does not have a single author, but a production staff headed by Acura Honda (本田あきら) from AX magazine. It was originally published in 1999, and reissued in 2013. The contents of the 2013 edition appear to be unaltered from the original, with the exception of the staff credits page.

It includes many screencaps, production art (i.e. layouts and storyboards), and information about the anime's production process. It also contains several original illustrations and staff interviews. Most of the production art and original illustrations are by Takahiro Kishida. The production art is printed in frustratingly small dimensions, but the original illustrations take up full pages or two-page spreads. Though there is a translator in the credits, the vast majority of the text is Japanese.

Yoshitoshi Abe is notably uninvolved in the production of this book. The Weather Break illustrations are reprinted in it in very small dimensions, but other than that nothing in the book was drawn by him, and he was not interviewed for it.


Taken verbatim from the front flap of the book jacket, except for the description field.

Page No. Contents Description
01 What is " lain " ....? Various staff members' comments on what Lain means to them.
04 story & data Credits and synopses for each episode.
image of each layer & the making of the layers
08 layer:01 WEIRD wire, life, layout, NAVI series, weird, profile
12 layer:02 GIRLS Accela, cyberia, handyNAVI, bear-wear, horror, GIRLS
16 layer:03 PSYCHE Psyche, home, friends, newNAVI, men in black, KIDS
20 layer:04 RELIGION hardware, PHANTOMa, boy meets girl, friends, family, design
24 layer:05 DISTORTION SHIBUYA, direction, memory, profile
30 layer:06 KIDS KIDS, inner side of WIRED, kids, friend, sound effect, design
34 layer:07 SOCIETY Knights, Nezumi's POV, NetNews, Shou's flight simulator, NAVIoldtype, Typographics, from玲音toレイン, friends, design
40 layer:08 RUMORS eye, school, HandyNAVI interface, Tarou's 3D game, layout, lain duplication, Alice with T., adult sight on wired, 玲音、レイン、lain
44 layer:09 PROTOCOL history of network, expanding NAVI, broken girl, family, kiss, レイン of the Wired, design of creature
48 layer:10 LOVE deus, virtual window, guruguru lain, "wind," love, world without her, design
54 layer:11 INFORNOGRAPHY lain?, inforno, Typographic, chisa, Alice's NAVI, image, design
58 layer:12 LANDSCAPE alice and lain, friends, layout & conte, home, men in black, "let's all love lain," TARO, Gun type NAVI, expanding machine
64 layer:13 EGO
68 device# (kaori shimizu) opening, Eiri's fall, All RESET, life without lain, dining table, after story, "れいん", pedestrian bridge, "lain"
02 What is "lain"? (chiaki j. konaka / ueda yasuyuki)
24 digital effects & "NAVI" system (junji nakahara & tomokazu tokoro)
72 opening & ending themes (boa / CHABO)
74 sound direction,effects, & design

(youta tsurouka, kouji kasamatsu, & akira takemoto)

76 film direction & design (ryutaro nakamura & takahiro kishida)
special image graphics (original illustration/CG)




takahiro kishida
38-39 ueda yasuyuki
52-53 hidenori matsuhara
78-79 ryutaro nakamura (text: chiaki j. konaka)


Producer: Acura Honda

Editors/Writers: Acura Honda, Shunsuke Kishi, Motohisa Tanaka, Kaori Yamamoto

Translator: Akiko Matsumoto

Proof Readers: Cathy Fishman, Scott Shifrel

Photographer: Hisashi Maruyama

Hair and Makeup: Tomoko Ebisawa

Photo & CG works (cover pages of layer): Makoto Abe

Art director/designer: Atsushi Doi

designers: Mayumi Matsukura, Yuji Satoh

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