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device#04 EAR

The Devices were short video clips featuring Kaori Shimizu talking or walking around or just standing there staring into the camera. The Devices were played at the end of each episode in lieu of next-episode-previews. They were also released as special features with certain BluRay or DVD releases of Serial Experiments Lain.

Each clip focused on a different part of Shimizu's body. The point was to liken parts of the body to computer hardware. This calls to mind the claims associated with Psyche, that is, to allow the user to access the Wired without the use of a device; the implication is that the true meaning of deviceless access is to abandon the flesh itself.

List of Devices

  • device#01 EYE
  • device#02 MOUTH
  • device#03 HAND
  • device#04 EAR
  • device#05 TONGUE
  • device#06 FOOT
  • device#07 NOSE
  • device#08 HAIR
  • device#09 UTERUS
  • device#10 BODY
  • device#11 HEART
  • device#12 FACE

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