Iwakura Yasuo's NAVI

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Iwakura Yasuo's NAVI and hardware, featuring multiple screens and processing units.

Yasuo's NAVI is seen briefly in the first episode. Being a Tachibana employee he is very proficient with his hardware, though by the time his daughter has become fully engrossed in the Wired and NAVIs his own setup pales in comparison.

The OS installed on Yasuo's NAVI is the Application Oyajiization System, designed by Nakahara Junji. His password is shown to be Think Bule Count One To, which is a reference to the short story "Think Blue, Count Two" by Cordwainer Smith. (On many sites his password is mis-transcribed as Think Bule Count One Tow, but there is no terminal W.)

After logging in, he appears to be playing some kind of game or participating in chat with ladies and gentlemen with headless avatars. Some of the accompanying filler text appears to be Japanese-translated dialogue from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.