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Template:Multiple issues homepage as of 27 Jan 2022 is a website centered around Serial Experiments Lain game for the PlayStation 1. First it was an additional help for the PDF translation, which was hard to navigate while playing on an emulator. Later it became a go-to place to play the lainTSX recreation of the game written for web technologies.

The website includes multiple lain related experiences:

  • Official lainTSX deployment (though lainTSX is separated from laingame)
  • Old, simplified version of laingame, prior to lainTSX remake.
  • lain-bootleg-bootleg, download page for the recreation of the lain bootleg game.


  • October 2016, the website is founded, intended to host scraped contents of Lain PSX game.
  • 29 March 2021, lainTSX releases, and is deployed on the website, and the previous "non-interactive" version of laingame becomes the simplified version.
  • August 2021, a new design for the simplified version is created.