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Started in 2011 as an improved version of by a person affectionately referred to as "Mobi-sama", sometimes "emotikun". This person sometimes posts in yellow text. features 6 colour schemes, an image gallery, wordfilter, a Bitcoin donations link, a music upload function(music player at /sound/assembly.html), a private area and an auto-refresh function. It displays 20 posts of up to 512 characters at a time and the URLs are clickable. To match the style of original sometimes URLs become corrupted and impossible to follow.

The text posts on Mobi are generally more coherent than the ones on Mebious.

In the early days, the image uploader was flooded with images of Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. As a consequence, Bernkastel is almost always visible.

In 2012 several users suggested meeting up in London, England sometime in 2014 and named the event mobicon/mebbycon. A blackboard and green chalk were mentioned.


In late September of 2013 starting redirecting to The reason is unclear and as of October 10th mobi is down.

In mid of February 2014 wasn't reachable over the DNS address. It was still accessible over .

As of May 10th, 2015 most of the public facing pages result in 404 or 403 errors following the admin's decision to close the site on the basis of "moral dilemma" regarding operating the site as an open forum for perceived malignant discussion.

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