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One could probably guess approximately where the IRL equivalent of this school is from the following data:

  • Lain's house is in Setagaya
  • She and her pals and her sister like to visit Shibuya for fun
  • It's an all-girls middle school/high school/college
  • She rides the train there

Ok well maybe it's not that helpful. I searched google maps for all-girls schools in the area of northeastern Setagaya or Shibuya or surrounding wards near that area with train stops nearby, and there seemed to be quite a few... I might not have been using the right search terms as well... and it's supposed to be a fictional place and all. All of this speculation is based on the possibly faulty assumption that settings in the show had real-life equivalents or models BUT STILL it might have been modeled after a place such as jissenjoshi gakuen. It looks like such a nice place... It's a middle and high school, it's near yamanote line, and there are two university campuses pretty much bordering it...

EDIT: ok just found this place called ouyu gakuen, it's much more likely because it's right there in setagaya and it has the same kanji in its name, and it's not a really common character either unless i'm very mistaken. The shape of the buildings is more similar to lain's school as well. And the Miyanosaka station on Tokyu Setagaya line is pretty close.

EDIT: Woah wait a minute! Is it just me or does Miyanosaka(宮の坂) sound a lot like Mimorigasaka(美杜ヶ坂、Lain's neighborhood according to the receipt)?!?!?!

Anyway, I should give up this useless search because these are all probably coincidences and I'll never find a location that perfectly matches those in Lain's universe.

EDIT: Ok the actual neighborhood the train station is in is called Miyasaka. It looks pretty familiar in Google maps walkabout mode. It only has 3 cho though, and Lain's address was in 5 chome i think. Whatev, i'm going to bed.

EDIT: SO I searched for 5 chome nearby the location of the school, and the closest hoods that have 5 or more cho in them are tsurumaki, kamiuma, and matsubara. ANYWAY bed for real now, i am such a loser.

--volatile memory 07:45, 13 July 2014 (UTC)

Yeah so uh, just ignore all that stuff up there. To sum up, the only real revelations I've gotten are:

  1. Lain's school is called Ouka Gakuen, it's an all-girl school
  2. There's an Ouyu Gakuen in Setagaya, it's an all-girl school
  3. That general area of Setagaya looks kind of like Lain's neighborhood sometimes

Nothing more can really be concluded tbh.

--volatile memory 09:57, 13 July 2014 (UTC)

I think you're discounting your findings too quickly; names and addresses are going to be fudged, and I think it's highly likely they would pick a chome high enough that it doesn't really exist. That's got to be her school. Also, she takes the train to school, doesn't she? So she will likely live in a neighborhood that is not immediately adjacent. Bytor 15:14, 13 July 2014 (UTC)