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Tried to clean up this article a bit, but it's still kind of retarded and juvenile, style-wise.

  • I changed all instances of mail to email.
  • I changed the smoke coming from Lain's fingertips to ectoplasm, because it's described as ectoplasm in Visual Experiments Lain. The track that plays in the background during that scene is also titled ectoplasm, incidentally (track 2 of bootleg cd).
  • Whoever originally wrote this needs to work on their listening comprehension. They misheard "yomoda chisa kara" (from yomoda chisa) as yomoda sakura, and they misheard "lain to ha" (with lain, more or less) as lain sama. It even says 「玲音とは」 right there on the screen, without a sama in sight.
  • Made many other minor corrections.

new pic post!!! 12:05, 8 January 2014 (UTC)