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Taken on June 15th, 2010 was an imageboard running Kusaba X 0.9.1, loosely based on and related to Serial Experiments Lain and was operated by Redial and Bismarck. Although the same people, the owners used the aliases Copland and Bloodberry, after an unknown hacker took advantage of a flaw in Kusaba X 0.9 to delete original accounts. It featured several boards on various topics, including a few international ones.


The domain was purchased in January of 2009 with the actual board going online in March of 2009. The board has undergone many changes since its creation, including deleting the NSFW and unpopular boards, writing stylesheets, and changing providers from to In July 2010, is expected to move to

In early 2010, a minor hacking attempt was staged; this failed. However, some hosting problems have been had, resulting in downtime.

In Juny of 2011 the site was finally shut down by Copland after several problems with the host and a general lack of a userbase.


The site's admin BloodBerry has scanned the first half of the Serial Experiments Lain Ultimate Fan Guide; this project is currently halted due to scanner-related problems.