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Yoshitoshi ABe is the character designer for Serial Experiments Lain, as well as other popular anime, such as Niea_7 and Haibane Renmei. Ueda Yasuyuki, who came up with the original concept for Lain, invited him to come work on the project after seeing his art online. Abe was a senior in art school at the time. A collection of his art for the series was released as Omnipresence in Wired, which features the short manga, The Nightmare of Fabrication.

One of his recent project is a series called Despera, set in 1930s Japan, with a main character named Ain who looks very similar to Lain.

He has contributed to the doujinshi works of a circle called Mutekei-Fire, under the pen name AB.

A Japanese-language periodical featured him in 2010. Eureka no. 586, vol. 42-12, 10 October 2010, subtitled The Necessary yoshitoshi ABE, contains essays and reviews about him, interviews of him, color illustrations, 18 glossy pages of color works and pencil sketches, including works he did in art school, and a 28-page manga called "Where the Rain Falls" (雨の降る場所 ame no furu basho) that was originally printed in Afternoon Shiki-shou in 1994.

He may be found on many online communities, such as Twitter or YouTube, usually with a screenname of Abfly, or similar.

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