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The school that Lain Iwakura attends is called Ouka Private Girls' Academy (私立鷗華女子学園, shiritsu ouka joshi gakuen), according to Visual Experiments Lain and Scenario Experiments Lain. It contains a middle school, high school, and college all on the same campus. Lain and her classmates Alice Mizuki, Reika Yamamoto and Juri Katou are all second-year students the middle school. Alice's teacher and Keiko Yoshii (Lain's Teacher) work here.

Though the school is supposed to be an all-girls school, in Layer 04 Lain and her friends talk about a male upperclassman who had recently committed suicide. Chiaki J. Konaka admits that this was his own oversight in a footnote in Scenario Experiments Lain.


Lain School.jpeg

The school buildings are mostly white. There is a main gate all the students enter through, beside which there is a bust of a man (unidentified, presumably the school founder). To the right of the entrance is a booth where the security guard sits. A circular, decorative fountain lies in the school's courtyard.

In the classrooms, students are seated at simple individual desks facing the blackboard at the front of the classroom. There are large windows lining the outside wall and the wall facing the corridor.


The components of the school's uniform are as follows:

  • white blouse
  • red, ribbon-like bow tie
  • gray blazer with school crest on the left breast
  • green plaid pleated skirt

As it is a Japanese school, students change into white slippers when entering the building.

The school crest is not depicted clearly or consistently, but most of the time it appears to be a red shield, bordered in yellow and again narrowly in blue, with an indistinguishable blob in its center. (In one original illustration by Yoshitoshi ABe, the central figure looks like a white bird, but in later illustrations by Takahiro Kishida and Hidenori Matsuhara, it looks like a blue blob, only vaguely bird-shaped, if at all.)

The high school's uniforms appear to be slightly different; Mika Iwakura's blazer has white piping on its lapel.