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Yoshida is Touko's lover in the game and a worker of the Tachibana General Laboratories, testing new medical equipment. He gave her RML, after seeing that Touko looks tired.

Personality and appearance

Yoshida looked young and cute, however, Touko stated that he was grown up for his age, thus making him popular among women. He was kind and concerned about Touko.

Impact on Touko

While Touko was been ignored by her Takeshi, she unconsciously wanted Yoshida to become her new boyfriend. Touko enjoys all moments with Yoshida, and looks forward to meeting with him again. When Yoshida brings her RML to help with her exhaustion, she felt the urge to return the favor by assisting him with testing it and using it before going to bed.

After Touko finds out about Takeshi's marriage, she seeks support in Yoshida, and desperately tries to become close with him, dreaming about marrying him. Yoshida becomes the only trusted person to her. But one time, when Touko tearfully confides in Yoshido about all the things that trouble her, instead of helping her, he told everyone about her confession and laughed at her. It crushed her self-confidence, leading Touko to become psychologically unstable. She starts contemplating death and becomes paranoid.

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