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Chibi Chibi Lain: The Empire Strikes Back (ちびちびレイン 帝国の逆襲)is a series of 6 humorous 4-panel comic strips by Yoshitoshi ABe. They feature a chibified Lain Iwakura in ridiculous situations. Five of the strips were originally included in the liner of the LaserDisc and VHS releases of the Serial Experiments Lain anime. The second strip was not included, mentioned as a "deleted scene" in the third. However, all six strips are published in the original Omnipresence in Wired artbook.

The five strips are published in the original Restore booklets packaged with Geneon Universal's 2010 Japanese release of Serial Experiments Lain Blu-ray BOX|RESTORE. Also included in the RESTORE booklet were two entirely new chibi chibi lain strips in color. They can be viewed here.

A translation of the original five strips can be found on misceLAINeous, along with another comic called "Gekikare! A Sales Promo Ad By Dame-Dame Lain," which was first published in a doujinshi by doujin circle Mutekei Fire and later included in Omnipresence.

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  • The artist known as Gomennasai has written some similar 4-panel comic strips which may have been inspired by ABe's Chibi Chibi Lain. Refer to Fanworks.