Lain Visual Novel Project

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Lain Visual Novel Project
212px-Lain's hairclip from VEL cover.jpg

On 2012-12-15, several users of decided to make a visual novel based on Serial Experiments Lain.

It will consist of a collection of short stories and use the Ren'Py visual novel engine.



  • The text used for the VN will be collected here in a page in the next section. Each page represents one short story idea that will be included. Feel free to add your own ideas or to choose an existing one to write up.
  • Backgrounds should mostly be made from anime screencaps. Some specific ones may need to be drawn or adapted from photos.
  • Character sprites will need to be drawn. (I'll try to draw some if she has time, but I can't guarantee quality. -Amysteriousgal)
  • Everything will then be assembled into a visual novel. (I'll try my best to do this, but I'm really not capable of anything beyond the basics at the moment. It's fortunate that Ren'Py has been around for long enough for there to be guides to practically everything. -Amysteriousgal)
  • Ideas should go on the relevant story's discussion page- the article is for agreed-upon plans and draft text for the story.


  • Come to the Wired
    • Chisa's story, leading up to her suicide. Also sort of like a prequel.
    • First draft completed
  • Let's all love Lain
    • Reality slippage causes people to become obsessed with Lain. Told in first person as one of the other characters - could be anyone, but perhaps Alice or Taro are easiest to use. Concurrent with Layer 12.
    • In progress
  • A day in the life of Lain
    • A light comedy where you go to school, explore the Wired, flirt with Alice, hallucinate, fulfill the prophecy, fend off your other self and try not to be too socially awkward.
    • Writer needed
  • Becoming God(Title to change at a later date.)
    • The conspiracy from the perspective of a nameless Tachibana Labs Employee, covering the modification of Protocol 7 and the incarnation and conditioning of Lain. A prequel to the anime.
    • Writer is Lazy
  • Love Experiments Lain
    • A dating sim with Lain, where the player plays as himself. Possible choice of which of the 3 Lain personalities to date?
    • Writer needed
  • Rumours in the Wired
    • You play as yourself - you can enter your name or handle at the beginning. Voices are whispering things in the Wired. They're mostly random things, but when you speak to the Wired, it listens and begins responding, allowing you to collect information. Possible topics of investigation: Knights, Lain, some sort of conspiracy theory? And if you say the wrong things, the speakers become increasingly chaotic and perhaps attack you by spreading rumours until you can't stay on the Wired anymore.
    • Writer needed


Character sprites

Lain in school uniform, standard pose, 1st (default) expression, light atmosphere.
Lain in school uniform, standard pose, 1st (default) expression, dark atmosphere.