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The Layers are a series of 15 promotional illustrations for Serial Experiments Lain drawn by Yoshitoshi Abe and superimposed with text written by Chiaki J. Konaka. Nine of them were published in consecutive issues of AX magazine starting with the April 1998 issue. The other six were not shown in AX, but all 15 can be seen in both editions of Omnipresence.

AX (エーエックス) was a monthly anime magazine published by Sony Magazines that launched in March of 1998. The magazine was discontinued after the November 2001 issue.

List of Layers

Title AX issue Notes
pre-layer 98/04 Coming Soon!
layer:01 Weird 98/05
layer:02 Girls 98/06
layer:03 Psyche 98/07
layer:04 Religion 98/08
Layer:05 Distortion 98/09
Layer:06 Kids Unpublished
layer:07 Society Unpublished
layer:08 Rumors Unpublished
layer:09 Protocol Unpublished
layer:10 Love Unpublished
layer:11 Infornography 98/10
layer:12 Landscape Unpublished
layer:13 Ego 98/11
layer:00 Program 98/12