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The fan-made Serial Experiments Lain Visual Novel Project

Feel free to pop in at the Lain visual novel project page and contribute as much as you are willing and able. Several possible projects are available to pick-up, or start your own and add assets as you go. The project is in it's infancy so any Artwork, Sprites, Music, Sound or Dialog would be appreciated. Be sure to discuss the project on the page as well as across The Wired.

Let's all love Lain!

Video stream

The first Saturday of every month at 20 UTC is the VisualWired video stream on .

ABe at ACen

Yoshitoshi ABe was a guest at Anime Central 2014, held May 16-18 in Chicago.

more info

The last time he attended ACen was in 2001.

2014 BluRay

Out on May 20th. The cheapest BluRay & DVD release of SEL yet, however there are no tokuten extras. Funimation shop link


Jasmine Rodgers, Boa's lead singer, will be doing a small performance at The Drawing Room in Chesham on 19 Jul 2014 19:00.

Rumor has it that a certain cadre of Lain fans will be in attendance.

No mebbites attended this as far as we know. OH WELL