Cyberia Layer 2

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Cyberia Layer 2
Cyberia Layer 2 cover.jpeg
Release date July 14, 2018
Media format CD
Artists Chikada "J.J" Wasei, Q'HEY, Ko Kimura, Hideo Kobayashi, Keisuke Nuki,​ TaQ, DJ Koji Nakamura, WATUSI (COLDFEET), ​ScummV
Related franchise Anime
Genre Techno, electro, tech house, acid house, trip hop
Play length 69:20
Publisher studio eyebrow Records

Cyberia Layer_2 is a compilation album of techno by Chikada "J.J" Wasei. It is a sequel to 1998's serial experiments lain sound track Cyberia Mix and was released as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations for the franchise.

In addition to Wasei, the album contains big name features from across the Japanese dance music landscape: Q'HEY, one of the fathers of Japanese techno; KO KIMURA, known for popularizing electro and acid house; Hideo Kobayashi, who works in deep house and techno; and TaQ, a composer known mostly for his contributions to the beatmania series of rhythm games. Notably, remixes of ""s"peEd" and "Cloudy, with occasional rain" from the original Cyberia Mix are included on Layer_2. "Cloudy" is erroneously credited to Wasei on this album, when it was actually produced by Akira Takemoto.

Cyberia Layer_2 was unveiled at the "serial experiments lain 20th Anniversary Event" at CIRCUS Tokyo club on the 7th of July 2018, which also featured Chiaki Konaka, yoshitoshi ABe and Kaori Shimizu in attendance. A limited edition promo CD, "Cyberia Layer_2 JJ's Bootleg Mix", was given away at this event.

The packaging for the album was designed by yoshitoshi ABe. Purchase of the physical edition included a download code for the two songs from JJ's Bootleg Mix; the DJ mix as an MP3, and the remix of "Duvet" as a WAV.

Track list

  1. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA + TaQ – Pantera "JJ's Theme" – 4:58
  2. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – "s"peEd (JJ's Rework) – 5:15
  3. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Accela – 5:26
  4. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Accela (KO KIMURA Remix) – 7:31
  5. Hideo Kobayashi – Navi 3.0 – 7:26
  6. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA + DJ Koji Nakamura – Third Eye – 4:06
  7. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Got THe Mic – 6:09
  8. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA + KEISUKE – Kuroshio (Thousand Knives Club Mix) – 5:51
  9. Akira Takemoto – Cloudy, with occasional rain (JJ's Rework) – 5:48
  10. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – "s"peEd (Q'HEY Remix) – 6:15
  11. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Sarasvati – 4:21
  12. Hideo Kobayashi – Navi3.0 (WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA Remix)– 6:14

"Cyberia Layer_2 JJ's Bootleg Mix"

  1. WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Cyberia Layer_2 JJ's bootleg DJ Mix – 56:17
    • Akira Takemoto – Cyberia Texture 5a (JJ's edit) (サイベリアテクスチュア5a (JJ's edit))
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Accela (Original Mix)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Accela (KO KIMURA Remix)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – "s"peEd (JJ's Rework)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Got THe Mic
    • Hideo Kobayashi – Navi 3.0
    • Akira Takemoto – Cloudy, with occasional rain (JJ's Rework)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA + KEISUKE – Kuroshio (Thousand Knives Club Mix)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – professed intention and real intention
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – "s"peEd (Q'HEY Remix)
    • Akira Takemoto – Cyberia Texture 5a (サイベリアテクスチュア5a)
    • Akira Takemoto – Prototype K (プロトタイプK)
    • WASEI "JJ" CHIKADA – Sarasvati
  2. bôa – Duvet (ScummV Remix, JJ’s Another Edit) – 7:15

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