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Guidebook for the Serial Experiments Lain game, released in December 1998.


Page No. Contents Comments
chapter 1: connect to "lain"
04 world a world that is dependent on computers to function
05 story lain, a girl who wanders in search of connections
06 main character introductions
08 character relation chart
chapter 2: lain interface system
10 controller operation explanation
12 game system explanation
chapter 3: hacking
20 data block map shows each data block and what level of what site it appears on
26 movie data block list lists each of the dc1 animated sequences with title, location, and a short description, except for the spoilerific ones
38 voice recording data block list lists each of the audio files, telling what version of saiseikun is needed to play it.
53 other block list gives information about SSkn, GaTE, and P2 files.
chapter 4: ? (help)
56 game system Q & A Answers some questions about how the game works †
57 game story Q & A Answers questions about the story †
63 en-ja dictionary a glossary of the tags translated into Japanese
67 terminology dictionary glossary of other unfamiliar terms
chapter 5: extra site
72 staff special interview interviews of producer Ueda Yasuyuki, character designer ABe Yoshitoshi, director Nakahara Junji, main programmer Satoshi Takahashi, and sound designer kjuː
76 concerning TV anime version lain ads
78 catalog of related products more ads

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