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Voice: When everyone is connected, small voices will grow larger.

Voice: When everyone is connected, even life will grow longer.

Voice: So...

Title: KIDS Layer 06

Father: Lain, I'm coming in.

Father: Lain?

Lain: Thank you.

Lain: But I've already confirmed that "name list".

Lain: It's very interesting.

Lain: I agree. It would be better if the next protocol version is released soon. When it is, I'll be able to...

Lain: But why are you so kind to me?

Lain: I don't think so. I was just wondering.

Lain: Because I don't have many friends...

Lain: Thanks, everyone in the Knights.

Lain: Yes, yes.

MobileNavi: Connected...

Reika: You're working really hard, hmm?

Alice: Lain, you seem like you're becoming more like your old self again.

Juri: Let's hang out together again.

Juri: If you're alone, your life will become really miserable!

Lain: But I'm not alone.

Juri: Eh? Who's with you?

Lain: Many people come to me. No, that isn't it... Maybe I go to them.

Reika: What, you mean on the Wired? "Net pals" aren't the same as real friends.

Alice: Reika sure is an old fogey about some things.

Juri: Old fogey.

Reika: That's fine, I don't mind being this way.

Reika: But Lain, which sites have you been visiting?

Lain: It's a secret.

Reika: Keeping quiet, huh?

Juri: Tell me!

Juri: It matches Lain.

Reika: I don't think so.

Juri: I think this is better.

Alice: No, I think this is better. Lain?

Juri: Let's go to that shop we went to before. There's a 30 minute all-you-can-eat ice-cream event there.

Reika: What?

Alice: What is it?

Juri: What is that kid doing?

Reika: I have no idea.

Juri: Hurry up, let's go.

Alice: Let's go now, Lain.

Alice: Lain? What!?

Reika: Really?

Man: What is that?

Alice: Is that... Lain?

Mother: You're coming back early these days.

Mother: Instead of you, Lain is coming home late now.

Mother: Did you get a recommendation for college?

Mika: A... a...

Mother: She's back.

Navi: There was an extraordinary phenomenon in the sky in Tokyo.

Navi: Many people began to panic.

Navi: Is it someone's prank?

Navi: Is it just a natural phenomenon?

Navi: Or did someone do this for some purpose?

Lain: Hello Navi.

Lain: Connect Wired.

Mouth: Are you Lain?

Mouth: You're amazing. You can metaphorize your real world body so completely.

Lain(wired): You're acting like a Cheshire cat.

Mouth: I can do only this much with my user permission level.

Mouth: Most people can only form an ear. I'm better than them.

Lain(w): Don't waste your breath on that. Give me information.

Mouth: If I help Lain, everyone here will call me a hero.

Lain(w): You make too much noise.

Lain(w): Do you know the game which is popular with children right now?

Mouth: Game? There are too many types of children's games.

Lain(w): Idiot.

Mouth: Does your intuition say it's a children's game?

Lain(w): Everything can be a game to children.

Mouth: Oh... You found a "result". I see. This man may know the answer.

Lain(w): ...The child-killing scientist.

Mouth: You're Lain all right, finding him all by yourself!

Mouth: In the real world, he is only an old man waiting for death in a hospital ward.

Mouth: I helped you. A little. Ask about "KIDS".

Lain(w): I know everything. I didn't need your help, Cheshire cat.

Lain(w): Professor Hodgeson. Now it's your turn. Tell me everything.

Hodgeson: You look very lifelike even in the Wired, young lady.

Lain(w): What is KIDS?

Hodgeson: What a peaceful time.

Hodgeson: Until my body in the real world rots, I want it to stay peaceful.

Lain(w): You must know what happened. What is KIDS?

Hodgeson: A beautiful time, with a silence that seems eternal.

Lain(w): Professor Hodgeson. Let me see the data of the experiment from 15 years ago.

Hodgeson: I didn't want to put children in danger.

Lain(w): This isn't about 15 years ago, but about the game which children are playing now.

Lain(w): Isn't it a reproduction of your experiment 15 years ago?

Hodgeson: Someone found it in the trash.

Hodgeson: I thought I'd deleted all of the data.

Lain(w): Tell me about the "Kensington experiment".

Hodgeson: "PSI", psychic energy. Almost all children have it even if it is very little.

Hodgeson: It can't do much in terms of ESP. Just some intuition and a physical force just enough to bend a coin.

Lain(w): What are these things over their heads?

Hodgeson: We called them "Outer Receptors", and they're used to receive "PSI".

Hodgeson: This is a "KID". Even though they are weak individually, if I collect the power of many kids...

Lain(w): What did you expect?

Hodgeson: Something unpredictable. I wanted to see something like that, young lady.

Lain(w): What did you think you were doing?

Hodgeson: I thought that science is not only about experiments on the hypothesis.

Lain(w): I'm not asking about that.

Lain(w): Didn't you think of the children?

Hodgeson: No, I didn't, as you said.

Hodgeson: We converted the weak electromagnetic waves from the brain, which the Outer Receptor received.

Hodgeson: The "KID System" is used as an extension of some functions of the brain.

Hodgeson: It is called "KIDS".

Lain(w): When all of their PSI was collected, so much power was generated...

Lain(w): Stop it.

Lain(w): Stop it!

Hodgeson: I broke them completely, never to be saved.

Hodgeson: But the schematics of the machine were leaked somewhere on the Wired, and eventually precipitated.

Lain(w): Someone found it.

Hodgeson: They modified it to function without the outer receptor.

Hodgeson: It was really amazing that they could make it so widespread just by "emulating" it.

Lain(w): Do you only think about science? Don't you think the children are also important?

Hodgeson: The children won't return to the real world no matter what I think.

Hodgeson: Moreover, I don't know anything about the current children...

Lain(w): How selfish of you. Who are using it now?

Hodgeson: Young lady, I'm tired of talking. I'm glad to have met you.

Hodgeson: I don't know what you are trying to do or what you are trying to be.

Hodgeson: But, you are strong. Extremely strong.

Hodgeson: You must be blessed by the God of the Wired, if he exists.

Lain(w): I... I don't...

Hodgeson: Where did your enormous power come from? You're different from those who are playing a prank using KIDS.

Lain(w): Prank?

Hodgeson: Well, let me go now. I'm a little tired.

Hodgeson: Now my embers of life have died down. My wish has also been fulfilled.

Lain(w): Knights...

Lain(w): Shut up!

Lain(w): What are you?

Lain(w): Why were you trying to tell me things?

Lain(w): Was I only a toy to you? Was it just a game?

Lain(w): What do you want to accomplish by KIDS? Is it just for fun?

Lain(w): You do anything just because you can and you're interested.

Lain(w): If you that, you're just monkeys!

Lain(w): Why isn't nyone answering?

Lain(w): They are... I see!

Lain(w): You! You are the Knights! Aren't you?

Lain(w): Aren't you Knights?

MIB: Lie down.

Lain(w): What?

MIB: It's the cooling system in your room.

Lain(w): What?

MIB: They sent a "parasite bomb" to your cooling system.

Lain(w): You say that like you had nothing to do with it.

MIB: We didn't.

Lain(w): Who? Who did it?

MIB: The Knights.

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)

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