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Voice: If you can hear it, it is talking to you.

Voice: If you can see it, it is yours...

Title: DISTORTION Layer 05

Deus: Human beings may not evolve any longer.

Deus: The incidence of cancer in humans is far lower than that in any other animal.

Deus: There is a theory that human being is a neoteny and will never evolve anymore.

Deus: If that is true, what a stupid animal they have become.

Deus: They forgot the force which operates themselves, and they are only satisfying their desires.

Deus: Don't you think they're worthless?

Deus: Human beings are only so much.

Deus: But, you don't have to remain as such a miserable human being.

Deus: Now, human beings have created the exit.

Lain: What is it?

Deus: The network. It's the Wired, Lain.

Lain: Who are you?

Deus: I'm God.

Man: Hey, shall we go and have something?

Man: Aren't you hungry?

Man: How about going to a swimming pool next time?

Lain: Tell me a story.

Lain: Please, please.

Lain: Tell me... a story.

Doll: Which story do you want, Lain?

Lain: Well... Well...

Lain: Something I don't know.

Doll: What you don't know is what does not exist.

Doll: I can't tell a story that does not exist.

Doll: You know this, don't you?

Doll: Well, how about this? There is a prophecy before every event.

Doll: Only when there is a prophecy can the event occur.

Lain: Who? Who makes the prophecy?

Announce: At various places in Tokyo, the "VTCZX" Traffic Information Service System has sent the wrong information.

Announce: Especially at crowded crossings, the automatic driving programs of cars and trucks interfered with each other and went out

of control.

Announce: There was an accident resulting in death at Shibuya, Tokyo.

Announce: But the Information Agency says that the system has already been fixed and the problem will never occur again.

Mika: ...

Taro: Excuse me?

Taro: Want to go out with me?

Mika: ...

Mika: !

Taro: No... Then, see you later!

Mika: Wait!

Mika: This is disgusting...

Mika: It'll leave a stain.

Tissue Paper: Hell is full of the dead.

Tissue Paper: The dead will wander.

Mika: What is it?

Mika: It's bad luck.

Woman: What is she doing?

Man: Is she crazy?

Lain: Love me, love me...

Mika: Lain?

Mika: What is she doing?

Mask: The prophecy will be fulfilled, Lain.

Lain: It can't be a prophecy.

Mask: Yes, it's a prophecy.

Mask: History is not a collection of independent points we passed through in time.

Mask: Someone connected them with lines. No, they were forced to connect.

Lain: Who? Who connected them?

Alice: Lain!

Reika: What did you do yesterday?

Juri: I didn't know you could do so much.

Alice: You can already do such a major "hack".

Lain: What do you mean?

Reika: Don't play innocent.

Lain: I really don't know.

Alice: Didn't you do it, Lain?

Lain: What?

Navi: There is a report that the accident of the network last afternoon may have been a deliberate act.

Navi: The Information Inspection Department of the Information Agency has begun to investigate the cause. The network was...

Clerk: Total 948 yen.

Clerk: Thank you. Please take your time.

Alice: It's there again.

Reika: What?

Alice: SPAM. Indiscriminate mail. They're persistent.

Reika: Is it "Fulfill the prophecy"?

Juri: Is it a declaration of war by a group of heretics?

Alice: I talked to a "geek" friend who I met in the Wired.

Alice: She said that they were sent by the "Knights".

Juri: What's the Knights?

Alice: I've heard that it's a group of great hackers.

Reika: But I thought hackers doesn't usually work together.

Alice: I agree. But Knights may not be an organisation, but something else.

Alice: And they're very influential in the Wired and do lots of things.

Juri: So it must be a secret society.

Reika: Is it fun to do something like that?

Alice: It feels like they aren't doing it for money or fun.

Mother?: It is said that the Wired is an advanced upper layer of the real world.

Mother?: The flesh in the real world is just a hologram of the information in the Wired.

Lain: Mom?

Mother?: Because, human consciousness is just a physical phenomenon of electrical signals in the synapses.

Lain: I...

Mother?: The reason of the existence of the flesh is only to confirm your existence the way you're doing right now.

Lain: Are you really my mom?

Lain: Please...

Mika: Lain?

Lain: What?

Mika: Were you at Shibuya?

Mika: No, it's nothing.

(Now you can see the emblem of Knights surrounding Mika.)

Girl: Don't you think he looks good?

Girl: How did you do with him?

Girl: Please tell me.

Water: "Fulfill the prophecy"

Mika: ...What prophecy?

Mika: Why? I should be having dinner with my dad and mom right now...

Mika: Why?

Mika: Is somebody there?

Mika: I know you're there.

Door: "Fulfill the prophecy" "Fulfill the prophecy"

Door: "Fulfill the prophecy" "Fulfill the prophecy"...

Lain: Are you really my dad?

Father?: In the wired, there may be more than just electrical information.

Father?: When the telephone network and radio were invented, I believe that a new world was created.

Lain: What...?

Father?: God is only a concept in the real world.

Father?: But, I think there may be a "Deus" in the wired.

Lain: God?

Father?: I don't know if it should be called God or not.

Father?: But I think that he may rule the Wired the way God is said to.

Lain: I may have talked to God.

Father?: Deus in the wired may be able to affect this real world in some way.

Father?: Yes, by a prophecy.

Lain: Prophecy?

Lain: What's up?

Mika: Nothing serious.

Lain: Who's next today?

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)