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Voice: Do you want to hurt yourself too?

Voice: Do you want to feel like your heart is being scraped by a rasp?

Voice: If you do, don't ever look away.

Title: RUMORS Layer 08

Taro: Nobody knows whether God is in the Wired or not.

Taro: It doesn't make any difference to us whether God is in the Wired or not.

Taro: Lain, wait for a second. I'll just kill him.

Lain(w): What's so interesting about killing other players?

Taro: Nobody knows what's fun and why.

Lain: The doorplate said "Tachibana Labs".

Voice: Tachibana is a huge company.

Voice: They shouldn't do anything illegal. But I've heard a rumor.

Lain(w): Rumor?

Voice: Do you know how we communicate in the Wired?

Lain(w): Are you testing me? I believe you are talking about "IP".

Voice: Sorry. Yes. We aren't usually aware of the protocol.

Voice: But the current protocol, the 6th generation is already at its limit for data capacity.

Lain(w): The 7th protocol.

Voice: Yes. the 7th protocol. Many companies are designing their own infrastructure.

Voice: Because whoever rules the protocol rules the whole economy of the Wired.

Voice: I've heard that they were sabotaged persistently.

Voice: The one attacking them is...

Lain(w): Tachibana Labs.

Lain: Sister?

Mika: a... e...

Lain: Mom, Dad, I...

Lain: Someone asked me, "Are you really Iwakura Lain? Are your parents really your parents?"

Lain: It's strange. It's such a strange thing to say, right?

Father,Mother: ...

Girls: Good morning.

Lain: Alice...

Alice: Good morning.

Lain: ...What happened?

Alice: I don't believe it.

Lain: What?

Alice: Lain, you didn't do it, right?

Lain: What?

Reika: She's just pretending not to know.

Alice: Reika! Don't jump to conclusions!

Juri: Lain, that wasn't your doing?

Lain: What are you...?

Alice: Lain, in the Wired, did you...

Alice: No. It can't have been Lain. I believe in you.

Reika: Alice.

Alice: ...

Juri: Alice!

Man's mouth: That company is in danger. Avoid approving new bills.

Woman's mouth: Can you believe he has such vulgar tastes even though he's good-looking?

Man's mouth: There is a serious bug in Protocol 6. It will cause an enormous disaster in the Wired.

Woman's mouth: Every night, a small, child-sized person with a red and green striped shirt appears in her room.

Man's mouth: That idol singer ran over someone and ran away in her boyfriend's car when she was in high school.

Woman's mouth: It's true. I heard it first hand.

Man's mouth: That building is famous for having ghosts.

Man's mouth: When you look at the terminal at midnight, an internal email shows up even though nobody's there.

Woman's mouth: The Knights doesn't exist. It's just a joke by an American student.

Lain(w): Shut up! Why do you find these things interesting?

Deus: Do you not find them interesting?

Lain(w): Who is it?

Deus: Are you not looking for me?

Lain(w): So God decides to show up, huh?

Deus: How do you define God?

Deus: If you mean the creator of the world, that was not me.

Deus: If you mean the almighty of the world, that cannot be me.

Lain(w): Where are you?

Deus: If you mean the omnipresent existence in the world, yes, you may call me that.

Deus: I can only affect the world a little.

Lain(w): Who are you?

Deus: I am you.

Deus: I believe that you noticed that there is another "you" in the Wired.

Deus: You are just a hologram of it. You are only the flesh.

Lain(w): I...refuse to believe that. It can't be true.

Deus: Even you cannot believe that Lain in the real world is the same person as the Lain in the Wired you currently are.

Lain(w): But, I am myself...

MobileNavi: Lain is a peeper.

Lain: Alice? Alice, where are you?

MobileNavi: Don't mind the rumors! Don't mind them! from Alice.

Lain: Alice? Alice, where are you? Alice!

Lain: Alice? where are you? Alice?

Lain: What did I do in the Wired?

Lain: What is the "me" I don't know doing?

MobileNavi: Don't mind the rumors! Don't mind them! from Alice.

Text: Searching...

Teacher: Is it right to do this with your teacher?

Alice: No...

Teacher: If it isn't right...why are you doing this?

Alice: Because I want to...

Lain(evil): Hehehe...

Alice: ...

Lain(e): Do you know? Do you know who Mizuki Alice loves?

Lain(e): Do you know who Alice thinks about when she is playing with herself?

Alice: Were you the one who told everyone? Was the rumor about you true?

Lain(e): Hahaha...

Alice: Lain! Have you always been watching me like this?

Alice: What I kept secret, what I never wanted anyone to see, and what I...

Lain(e): Hahaha...

Alice: Tell me it's not true! Lain!

Alice: Lain... you...

Lain: Ahhh...

Lain(e): Hahaha...

Lain(w): Who are you? You can't be me. I don't do things like what you did.

Lain(e): I...

Lain(w): Stop it! Why do you act like the part of me which I hate?

Lain(e): Hahaha...

Lain(w): You!

Lain(e): I'm killing myself... Hahaha...

Lain(w): Why? Why is your body so warm? Why must I feel the heat of your body?

Lain(e): Because I am Lain.

Lain(w): No!

Lain: No!

Lain(e): Hahaha...

Lain(w): What are these things?

Deus: They're all you.

Deus: I told you that you have always existed in the Wired.

Lain(w): What?

Deus: You are the same as me. You are dispersed in the Wired.

Deus: Therefore, you were always by everyone's side no matter where they are.

Deus: You saw everything that everyone never wanted anyone to know.

Deus: You just released that information to the Wired.

Deus: You were right to do that. Information in the Wired should be free for everyone to know.

Lain(w): Everything you said must be a lie.

Deus: Why?

Lain(w): Alice said that she saw me in the Wired when I wasn't there.

Lain(w): As I recognize myself, my absolute ego is inside me.

Lain(w): Are you saying that these poorly made dupes are me? Nonsense!

Lain(w): And if you're right...

Deus: Then what, Lain?

Lain(w): I can delete their memory of being peeped on. I can delete the information.

Deus: Sure. Try it. You were born to be able to do it.

Text: Deleting...

Girls: Good morning.

Alice: Lain!

Juri: Lain!

Lain: Did you forget about it?

Lain: Is it true?

Alice,Juri,Reika: Lain!

Lain: It's true!

Lain: Alice!

Lain: ...What?

Lain(e): Alice!

Lain(e): I want to go to Cyberia tonight. Please.

Juri: I agree!

Reika: That's unusual of you.

Alice: OK. You can change clothes at my home again.

Lain(e): Great!

Lain(e): What should I wear?

Lain: Stop it! I am myself!

Alice,Juri,Reika,Lain(e): Hahaha...

Lain: I'm here!

Juri: Hurry!

Lain(e): Yes. Lain is Lain, and I am myself. Hehe...

Lain: Hello, Navi.

Navi: Hello, Lain.

Lain: I am myself.

Lain: There is no "me" other than myself, is there?

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)