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Voice: I don't need parents.

Voice: Everyone is alone...

Voice: And is connected to nobody.

Title: RELIGION Layer04

Mother: What about her?

Mika: Lain is acting strange. She was always strange, but...

Father: No, she's not strange.

Mika: Huh? What do you mean?

Mother: Mika, be careful what you say to your father.

Mother: Is that true?

Father: Yes.

HighSchoolBoy: What? What is it?

HighSchoolBoy: Shit! Shit!... What?

HighSchoolBoy: Shit! Shit!

LittleGirl: Gotcha! (adult female voice)

Juri: We're lucky. Next class is self-study.

Reika: It's strange for there to be a sudden staff meeting.

Alice: Is it true?

Reika: what do you mean?

Alice: I've heard that somebody this high school killed herself.

Juri: Suicide?

Lain: Sorry, What?

Reika: You wouldn't know about it.

Lain: About the suicide?

Reika: Do you know about the suicide? Really?

Lain: I only heard it from someone.

Alice: Where did you hear it?

Lain: Wired.

Alice: You got used to your new navi. Could you show us later?

Lain: Sure. But right now, I'm altering it a little.

Juri: Altering? Are you interested in hacking?

Reika: You look a little different...

Lain: Do you think so?

Juri: Really?

Reika: You look different somehow.

Alice: Then, what does the rumor in the Wired say?

Lain: I've heard that it's a game.

Reika: Game? Is it an online game?

Lain: I'm not sure, because I don't play it.

Lain: But I've heard that all of the dead kids were hooked on it.

Juri: Boys like things like that.

Alice: Game... But why?

Lain: I'm not sure. But...

Reika: Don't eat so quickly. You'll choke.

Lain: Can I go home now?

Reika: You don't need our permission.

Juri: But why?

Lain: I want to assemble my Navi soon. I still haven't completed it.

Juri: You're choosing a machine over your friends.

Alice: Juri!

Alice: Lain, show it to us when you complete it.

Lain: Sorry, bye.

Alice: Certainly, she's been changing.

Alice: Sorry. Here.

LittleGirl: No, It's my fault. I'm sorry.

Lain: Login.

Navi: Authorized.

Navi: Voice mail.

Man's Voice: Hi, Lain.

Man's Voice: As I couldn't answer your question, I asked my friend in my laboratory.

Man's Voice: If you really have a psyche processor, you have to set the oscillator to "Variable" mode, as you thought.

Man's Voice: Almost all parts of the Navi are up to standard.

Man's Voice: But there are still some differences.

Man's Voice: I hope you succeed. Ask me if you need help again. Bye.

Lain: JJ! Do you know about the game that the brats are hooked on?

JJ: Yes, it's "PHANTOMa". Skip it. It's not for an adult like you.

JJ: Right, Lain?

JJ: Really? It seems like I misheard.

Boy: I tried to stop. I couldn't do anything.

Boy: This isn't the Wired, so why?

Lain: Wait! Don't run!

Boy: Who are you?

Boy: Are you also a "PK"? Help me!

Lain: I can't go to where you are.

Boy: What is it?

Boy: Don't make fun of me!

Boy: Bullet charge! Gauge 5!

Boy: Die! Die! Die! Die!

Boy: Die! Die! Die!

Boy: I was just scared.

Boy: I didn't notice that it was just a little girl.

Boy: It wasn't my fault. I didn't know anything.

Boy: PHANTOMa is a game where players battle each other through the Wired.

Boy: I downloaded the client for it from an illegal server to play it.

Boy: It looked like an action game in a dungeon.

Boy: I don't know why, but it merged with the children's tag game.

Boy: It wasn't my fault.

Navi: A mail has arrived.

Lain: Open it.

Man's Voice: Hi, Lain. I didn't expect you to be interested in PHANTOMa.

Man's Voice: Yes, I investigated, but I'm not certain.

Man's Voice: It's a very common type of game in the wired.

Man's Voice: The problem is the function of connecting to other programs.

Man's Voice: It seems that there's a strange "hole" in the protocol.

Man's Voice: We think it was made by the "Knights".

Lain: Knights...

Father: Lain, you seem to be getting used to communicating in the Wired very quickly.

Lain: Yes.

Father: Let me give you a warning.

Lain: What?

Father: The Wired is just for sending and receiving information and for communications.

Father: You must not mix it up with the real world.

Father: Can you understand my warning?

Lain: No, that's not true.

Lain: The border isn't so clear.

Lain: Soon, I'll be able to go inside.

Lain: And it will "metaphorize" me with "full motion and full range".

Father: Even with the newest model, it's impossible with a commercial Navi.

Lain: I can, because I altered it.

Father: Is it a Psyche processor? But...

Lain: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Father: I doubt it.

Woman's Voice: I was waiting for you for a long time. Why? Why didn't you come?

Man's Voice: ... (Non-Japanese)

Woman's Voice: This is a fortune... If you get... you will have good luck.

Man's Voice: This means that the Knights are not a real group.

Man's Voice: But they control people's thoughts in the Wired.

Man's Voice: In a way, the Knights rule like a religion in the Wired.

Boy's Voice: If you love someone more than me, I'll give you up. But, if...

Man's Voice: ... (Non-Japanese)

Girl's Voice: ...Believe me, I was followed by someone...

Girl's Voice: Lain, Why don't you come here soon?

Lain: Go away.

Lain: Go away!

Navi: Intruder. Interrupted.

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)