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Voice: Why don't you come here?

Voice: It would be better to come here.

Title: WEIRD Layer 01

Women: Look, look...

Text: The reason why you have to do it is...

Text: Something you have to consider yourself...

Girl: Hahaha.

Girl: No, no.

Fat Man: Why? You can do it. Don't hesitate.

Fat Man: Let's have some fun together.

Text: I...

Text: ...don't need to be here.

Boy: No. I don't know. I have nothing to do with...

Text: If I remain in a place like this,

Text: I can't stay connected...

Lain: It's too noisy. Can't you all shut up?

Text: Hurry, everybody.

Alice: Juri, don't mind it.

Reika: Yes. It must be someone's prank.

Juri: All... right...

Alice: Lain?

Alice: Did you receive it too?

Lain: What?

Alice: The mail.

Lain: Mail?

Alice: From Yomoda Chisa.

Lain: I'm not good with computers...

Alice: You should at least check your mail once a day.

Reika: Lain, you're still a child, aren't you?

Lain: Why is she crying?

Reika: Because, she received a mail from Yomoda Chisa.

Lain: Who's Chisa?

Reika: She was in class D. Last week, she killed herself by jumping off a building in Shibuya.

Reika: Our teacher also told us that.

Alice: It's not only Juri; many girls have received the mail this week.

Lain: But, she is...

Alice: Yes. Dead people can't send mails. But they really received it...

Text: Dying?

Text: It really hurts! laugh

Navi text: Loading.

Navi text: Please wait.

Navi: Log in.

Navi: Name?

Lain: Ah...

Navi: Lain. Please say your name.

Lain: La-i-n.

Navi: Accepted.

Navi: Hello, Lain.

Navi: Lain has mail.

Lain: From who?

Navi: Yomoda Chisa.

Navi: Would you like to read your mail?

Navi: Hello. How are you?

Navi: Lain, I went home from school with you once.

Navi: Do you remember it?

Lain: Yes.

Navi: I only abandoned my flesh. I can tell that I'm still alive.

Navi: Can you understand me?

Navi: It's alright if you don't. Soon you will understand. Others will, too.

Lain: Why did you die?

Navi: It seems that there is a rumor in school that this is a prank.

Navi: But I want you to know it's not.

Lain: Why? Why did you die?

Navi: God is here...

Lain: What?

Navi text: God...

Mika: My lunch was late today.

Mika: Thanks for the meal.

Lain: Mom.

Mother: What?

Lain: I received a mail.

Lain: It was from someone who killed herself last week.

Mother: ...

Dad: What's up, Lain? It's unusual for you to come to this room.

Lain: I... I would like a new Navi.

Father: Hahaha, you finally got interested in this.

Father: Now, Lain is in junior high school. You'll fall behind your friends.

Father: You should use a better machine.

Father: Listen, Lain. In this world, every human is connected each other both in the wired and in the real world, and human societies are organized.

Father: Even someone like Lain can make friends quickly. No need to be afraid.

Father: I wonder why your mother doesn't understand it.

Lain: I'm not afraid.

Father: But, why do you get interested in this so suddenly?

Lain: I have a friend to meet.

Father: Hehehe...

Announce: Sorry, everyone.

Announce: This train has been stopped due to an accident.

Passenger: What?

Passenger: Was someone injured?

Teacher: Iwakura-san, This will be in the test.

Blackboard: Come on wired quickly.

Lain: Chisa-chan?

Lain: Where are you?

Lain: Wait...

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)