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Lain: I see. I've never know it.

Lain: This world is so simple.

Lain: I had felt that this world is only fearing and too wide...

Lain: But now I understand. I feel very easy...

Voice: I said so.

Title: LANDSCAPE Layer:12

Julie: Hahaha. No, Lain!

Reika: You said brazenly, Lain.

Alice: Lain...

Lain: But, it's true.

Julie: I've never heard such a thing.

Alice: ...What does it mean?

Reika: Don't hesitate...

Reika: Well, Julie.

Julie: What?

PocketNavi: You can rewrite unpleasant memories.

Alice: Really...

Alice: Really?

Reika: ...

Julie: But...

Lain: Human can really exist only inside of other human's memory.

Lain: So, many kinds of I were there.

Lain: Not many I were there. But I was only inside of many people.

Taro: I see!

Myu-myu: Who are you talking to?

Masayuki: What happened?

Taro: Hahaha...

Taro: I kissed with angel.

Masayuki,Myu-myu: What?

Myu-myu: Taro?

Voice: Lain, Lain, Lain...

Voice: Lain, Lain, Lain....

Lain: ...

News: After this adaptation of the Protocol 7, the wired and the real world

News: will share information seamlessly.

News: Next news. Love Lain. Love Lain. Love Lain...

Text: Lain Lain Lain Iwakura Lain...

Text: Iwakura Lain Iwakura Lain Lain...

Text: Iwakure? Lain Iwakura...

Eiri: All of the functions of human's flesh can be described into words by

Eiri: terms of materialism.

Eiri: Flesh is only an engine.

Eiri: If the physical limitation of the flesh limits the evolution of

Eiri: mankind, humans are like be forced to end their race by a god that

Eiri: actually doesn't exist.

Eiri: Information inside humans is not only what they got by themselves since

Eiri: they had their consciousness.

Eiri: Humans have been connected with their ancestors, and form a human race.

Eiri: And they have received information from their ancestors.

Eiri: But, they are just a data if they are not shared.

Eiri: Human can evolve by themselves.

Eiri: In order to do so, they have to know their actual structure.

Eiri: Do you think what you actually are?

Eiri: Human's have been already connected. I just restored them.

Eiri: You did cause it. So you may do anything you want.

MIB2: Haven't you stopped it?

MIB2: Why things came to this? Certainly we did our job.

MIB1: Not only our client thought that the playing of secret society by

MIB1: computer maniacs was burdensome.

MIB2: What do you mean?

MIB1: Our client have been communicated with Eiri.

MIB1: No, they may have controlled by Eiri.

MIB2: Stop to talk about Eiri. He is already dead.

MIB1: He is not dead.

MIB1: In fact, he has nothing to do with the existence of his flesh.

MIB2: Is this our reward of our job? Have we been taken in?

Man: You may interpret this how you like.

MIB1: You say that we should escape. Where should we go?

Man: Well, somewhere there is no electric wire, and no electromagnetic wave

Man: from satellite.

MIB2: There must be no such place on earth!

Man: You have to find such a place if you want to escape.

MIB1: What will happen?

MIB1: What will you do by connecting the wired and the real world without

MIB1: using devices.

Man: Something wonderful. I'm looking forward to see it.

MIB1: What...?

MIB2: Ahhhhhh!

MIB1: What happened?

MIB1: What are you seeing?

MIB1: ...

MIB1: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Alice: Lain?

Alice: cough:

Mika: Pee pee pee... Gaaaa.

Mika: Pee pee pee... Gaaaa.

Alice: ..... No.....

Alice: .............

Alice: Is this Lain's room?

Alice: Lain?

Alice: Lain!

Lain: A... Li... Su?

Alice: What did you do?

Lain: Nothing. I was only watching.

Alice: What?

Alice: I... I thought that I've got crazy.

Alice: But it's not. Why did you left only mine?

Alice: Why did you left only my memory?

Alice: Why? Why only I have to remember the painful memory?

Alice: Do you hate me so much? Lain?

Alice: I can no longer bear this...

Lain: No, Alice...

Lain: Because I don't want to make you sad...

Alice: No... You did do this...

Lain: Alice was all right.

Lain: You became my friend even though I didn't connect to you.

Alice: What are you saying?

Lain: Only Alice is my friend... I don't need to connect to you...

Alice: Connect? What do you mean?

Lain: I and everybody...

Alice: No...

Lain: I love Alice.

Alice: Are you sure what you are talking about?

Lain: Humans have been all connected in their unconsciousness.

Lain: I'm just reconnecting them.

Alice: Did you do it, Lain?

Lain: I do nothing.

Lain: Nothing to do with which "I" was true, there and here.

Lain: But I was.

Lain: I'm a program to break the barrier between the real world and the wired.

Alice: Lain is a program...

Lain: Alice and others are also just applications.

Lain: In fact, you don't need the flesh.

Alice: No.

Alice: I 'm not sure. But I think you are wrong.

Alice: Your body is so cold, but alive.

Alice: Mine is also... Here.

Alice: ...Doki Doki. An onomatopoeia of heartbeat:

Lain: ....Doki Doki.

Lain,Alice: Doki Doki...laugh:

Lain: Why? Why?

Alice: Because I'm scared. My heart is beating because I'm scared.

Lain: But Alice is laughing.

Alice: Yes. But I'm scared. I've been scared.

Alice: I wonder why.

Lain: Why...

Eiri: She is afraid to lose her flesh.

Eiri: You can control the emotion by modifying the impulses of the brain.

Eiri: You can refuse unpleasant impulses.

Eiri: You can choose only pleasant and comfortable things.

Lain: Really?

Alice: Lain, Are you talking to somebody?

Eiri: Lain, if you love her, why not you connect to her?

Lain: I don't know.

Alice: Lain! Who are you talking to?

Eiri: You have a little bug.

Eiri: No problem. I'll debug you for a long time. Come on Lain.

Alice: Ahhhhhh!

Lain: I can't understand about you, God...

Alice: ...Are you talking to God?

Eiri: What can't you understand, Lain?

Lain: You could make the wired free from the devices.

Lain: Telephones, TV, network... You could nothing without them.

Eiri: Yes, they were born with human's evolution.

Eiri: The most evolved person have rights to evolve them...

Lain: Who gave you the rights?

Eiri: !?

Lain: A program to synchronize to the peculiar resonance of the earth in

Lain: the Protocol 7.

Lain: And it makes "the group of unconscious" into consciousness.

Lain: Did you really invent it by yourself?

Eiri: What are you saying? It can't! It can't!

Eiri: Do you say that there is true God!?

Lain: As you already lost your flesh, you can no longer understand it.

Eiri: No! I'm almighty! I made your flesh in this real world!

Eiri: I gave you a flesh and absolute ego who were dispersed in the wired, And!

Lain: If I were so, what are you?

Eiri: I'm not! I...

Eiri: Ahhhhhh....

Lain: Wired is not an upper layer of the real world.

Eiri: What do you mean...?

Lain: Yes, you were a god in the wired. But, before the wired appeared...

Lain: You were only a proxy god of someone who were waiting for the appearance

Lain: of the wired.

Eiri: Proxy? Noooooo!

Alice: Ahhhhh! Nooooo!

Lain: Alice!

Eiri: Gwwwoooooo!

Lain: You said that your flesh is not necessary.

Alice: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Alice: ...........

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)

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