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Voice: I'll say this only to you.

Voice: You are the only one who doesn't know what's happening in this society...

Title: SOCIETY Layer 07

Lain: No, that's not true.

Lain: I'm only looking.

Lain: In the Wired...I change.

Lain: I'm not sure.

Lain: Who is it?

Mika: a... e...

Lain: My sister?

Lain: My sister is different nowadays.

Lain: I don't agree.

Lain: I don't know.

Nezumi: I know that the Wired and the real world are connected by a line.

Nezumi: I can exist anywhere.

Nezumi: My body is everywhere, I can send my consciousness anywhere.

Secretary: It's time for dinner with E-Motor Consortium.

Takuyoshi: Yes.

NAVI: Mail.

Takuyoshi: I'll go downstairs in 3 minutes.

Secretary: Understood.

Takuyoshi: What will we play next?

FatMan: Hehehe, here!

FatMan: Hehehe, yes, you idiot!

FatMan: I'm better than you. Hehehe.

Lain: The real world isn't real at all.

Alice: Lain, are you alright?

Lain: What is it?

Alice: Lain, you seem like you're becoming more like your old self again.

Alice: We hung out with you in some places because we wanted you to open up more.

Alice: We really hoped you would.

Alice: But, if you weren't enjoying it, I'll apologize.

Lain: Yes, I was. I was enjoying it...

Lain: I was...

Alice: Good.

Lain: Alice, thank you for worrying about me.

Alice: We're friends, after all. Bye.

Navi: This afternoon, the firewall in the Information Agency was crashed due to someone's cracking.

Navi: Now, the information in the Wired is mixed up.

Navi: Please be aware that although this news was sent now, it will be received tomorrow or yesterday.

Man'sVoice: I've heard that it was done by the Knights.

Man'sVoice: What is the Knights?

Woman'sVoice: The Knights. "Knights of the Eastern Calculus".

Woman'sVoice: They are very influential in the Wired. There is no information about the members.

Woman'sVoice: Not only do they disrupt the information in the Wired, but they also develop and distribute illegal information devices.

Man'sVoice: I've heard that Lain was targeted.

Man's Voice: Who is Lain?

Woman'sVoice: "Lain", 0 results found.

Man's Voice: I haven't seen Lain for a long time.

Man's Voice: Who's Lain?

Man's Voice: A girl!

Man's Voice: A girl?

Man's Voice: She's strong!

Man's Voice: What's strong about her?

Man's Voice: Her metaphorisation. Her will. Her power. The light in her eyes. Her existence.

Text: Have you ever seen the lain?

Text: Live in monotony for the rest of the life.

Text: God bless you.

Text: Who are you?

Man's Voice: May I ask a question?

Man's Voice: What?

Man's Voice: Are you a member of the Knights?

Carrier: It's for you.

Shoko: Oh, I'll get my stamp.

Shoko: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Shoko: What is it?

Carrier: Is it the newest NAVI? I also want it.

Shoko: I bought it with my side job.

Carrier: I can't buy it even though I'm working this job.

Shoko: Work harder.

Carrier: Yes. I have to work more. I'll teach you if you want.

Shoko: Hmm, will you teach me?

Carrier: Yes, I'm good at it.

Shoko: Do you always tempt married women like this?

Carrier: Not at all... Yes.

Shou: Hi, I'm back.

Shoko: Thank you.

Shou: May I go to Kin-ya's house?

Shoko: You can play a game with him through the net.

Shou: But, I want to ask him how to play it.

Shoko: The Wired is the same as the real world.

MIB: Iwakura Lain-san. Will you come with us?

MIB: We will not force you to come. We are only asking you.

MIB: We will not harm you physically.

Lain: Who are you?

MIB: We will tell you when you come with us.

Nezumi: I don't want to stay in a place like this.

Nezumi: I can do this. Look!

Nezumi: I'm breaking the barrier between the real world and the Wired.

Nezumi: Please. I have enough skills to be a member of the Knights.

Nezumi: Please let me join the Knights.

Nezumi: Praise me, I found your secret channel by myself.

Nezumi: Please let me join.

Nezumi: Who is it?

Sign: Tachibana Labs. Shinbashi Office.

Man: Come here. I can't make the firewall at the head office recognise this machine. I did everything I could using applications.

Man: It seems impossible to do with this old-style NAVI.

Man: I've been using this one for a long time, so I don't want to change to a newer NAVI.

Man: I'm so old. If I were young like you...

Lain: That jumper...

Lain: Pull this...and this jumper off.

Man: Did it work?

Navi: Authorized.

Nezumi: Lain! Are you a member of Knights?

Nezumi: Aren't you, Lain? I didn't know that you are!

Lain(w): Idiot!

Nezumi: Wait, wait! It was so amazing what you did using KIDS.

Nezumi: But I have better ideas. Please, let me join the Knights.

Man: There are no national barriers in the Wired.

Man: There are too many anarchists who are talking nonsense.

Man: And there are too many fools who believe that a prank on society is a revolution.

Man: But, the Knights seem to be different from them.

Lain: Knights...

Man: I didn't know you were aware of them. Your existence in the Wired is very unnatural.

Man: The Knights seem to have a special interest in you.

Lain: What ...are you saying...?

Man: Knights. You have talked to them directly.

Lain: But... I... What...

Man: Anyway, they want to use you for something.

Man: We have to stop them at any cost.

Lain: You... What? Who are you?

Nezumi: I'll keep it secret, of course.

Nezumi: I know you believe in Deus. I'll obey him too.

Nezumi: But is it true? I can't believe that there is a God in the Wired now.

Nezumi: But I will learn more about it after I join. I'll learn to believe.

Nezumi: You? You come to invite me!

Man: Name? You don't need our name.

Man: They and I have no name.

Man: Tell me, Iwakura Lain. Are you the same person as "Lain of the Wired"?

Man: Who are you?

Lain: I... I...

Man: Are your parents really your parents?

Lain: What...?

Man: Is your sister really your sister?

Lain: What are you saying? Of course...

Man: When is your father's birthday?

Lain: My

Man: When is your mother's birthday?

Man: When did your parents marry? Did they marry for love? Or was it an arranged marriage?

Lain: They are...

Man: Why don't you know? Have they never told you?

Man: Have you never celebrated any birthdays with your family?

Man: When and where were you born?

Lain: Stop it...

Man: You don't know anything about yourself.

Man: Are you all right? You really know nothing at all...

Lain(w): Shut up! You're only asking about trivial matters. Nonsense!

Man: Are you "Lain of the wired"?

Lain(w): Yes, so what?

Man: You are aware that the border between the Wired and the real world began to break without devices.

Lain(w): So what?

Man: We think it is dangerous.

Lain(w): It's interesting.

Man: Hmm...

Lain(w): Let me go.

Lain(w): What do you want?

MIB: You yourself are dangerous.

Man: Carl!

Man: She is right. Something interesting is beginning. Let's just watch.

Shoko: Shou-chan.

Shou: What's up, Mom?

Shoko: Let's play together!

Shou: Did you finish your work?

Shoko: Of course. I'm the best.

Shoko: I'll beat you, Shou-chan.

Shoko: Prepare yourself. Here!

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)