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Voice: What are you scared of?

Voice: You'd better just try. giggle:

Title: GIRLS Layer 02

Text: Cyberia? I didn't want to be here.

Text: 10,000 yen? That's too expensive! The market price is about 4,000 yen.

Text: Although the process to obtain it is the same,

Text: It's not precisely a drug.

Text: We call it "Accela".

Text: I... felt accelerated.

Text: Come on, quickly.

Lain: No, It's not.

Lain: I haven't received any mail...

Lain: ...I don't know.

Mika: I thought that somebody was here.

Lain: Who are you talking about?

Mika: Lain's imaginary ...friend, or like that.

Mika: You will be late for school again.

Alice: Lain, good morning.

Lain: Good morning.

Reika: Look, it wasn't her.

Juri: But it was...

Lain: What?

Alice: Stop it. Don't you feel sorry for her?

Alice: It's nothing serious. Let's go.

Juri: But...

Alice: Don't talk about that anymore.

Lain: Did you receive any mails recently?

Lain: From Chisa?

Juri: Mail? Ah... No, not anymore.

Alice: Lain, did you receive the prank mail?

Juri: Is it true?

Lain: No, I was just curious.

Juri: I thought you did.

Reika: As you said, it really looked like her...

Reika: Lain, where were you last night?

Alice: I said no.

Reika: No, no.

Juri: But...

Lain: What?

Reika: Well.. last night, there was someone who looked like Lain at Cyberia.

Juri: I mustered my courage and went there for the first time last night.

Reika: It wasn't such a big deal.

Alice: You looked so tense. giggle:

Alice: Ah, it's a club. It's a place where young people gather at midnight.

Alice: There was someone who looked a little like Lain there.

Lain: Yesterday, I was...

Alice: I think she can't have been Lain.

Alice: Because she was dressed very gaudily and angered very violently.

Reika: Yes, her character was also quite opposite.

Juri: But she looked like...

Juri: Well, how about we take Lain there tonight?

Reika: Are you trying to confirm it?

Alice: Stop it. You're making fun of her.

Reika: Lain, you might suddenly change when you go to the club.

Alice: Really, Lain might become more assertive.

Juri: Oh, yes! Let's go.

Reika: Maybe it'll be fun.

Alice: If you become more assertive, you'll be happier, right, Lain?

Commentary: Accela is a kind of a "intelligence supplement".

Commentary: When it enters the body, it oscillates at a particular frequency,

Commentary: regulated by its nano mechanism.

Commentary: It stimulates the secretion of a specific hormone.

Commentary: When the hormone is secreted, one's sense of time will be influenced,

Commentary: and one will feel that one's consciousness is accelerated.

Commentary: Aside from the conscious sense of time,

Commentary: the calculation speed of the brain will also be increased by about 2 to 12 times.

Commentary: This nano-mechanism will be dissolved by digestive juices after 1 day.

Commentary: But the effect is...

MobileNavi: Let's have fun at Cyberia tonight. From Alice.

MobileNavi: I won't go tonight.

Text: Humans are all connected.

Carrier: Is this your house?

Carrier: Good! This is your package. I'll take it down for you.

Carrier: Could you sign here?

Carrier: But... This one is great.

Carrier: Oh, thank you.

Carrier: Are all of these yours?

Lain: I don't know.

Carrier: Don't you know what this is?

Lain: ...

Carrier: This is the latest style of Navi. It's fully equipped.

Carrier: Such machine power lets you visit the wired freely with no trouble.

Carrier: I built one myself, but it's no match for this at all.

Lain: No, I don't know anything about this.

Carrier: Soon, you'll know it.

Father: Your new navi has arrived.

Mother: Please clean up soon. It's in the way.

Father: I'll set it up after dinner.

Father: Hmm... This navi is so powerful that I'd like to use it myself.

Lain: Dad, please set this up now.

Father: Oh. Why are you in such a hurry?

Lain: Please...

Father: Lain...

Father: I'll do it.

Father: Don't use children's Navi for too long.

Father: You should change to a superior system for more mature communications.

Father: Come on. Register with the machine.

Father: Talk to it.

Lain: Hello, Navi.

Navi: Authorized.

Father: Finally, this Navi is yours.

Father: You can show it off to your friends.

Father: Oops. Mika? What's up?

Lain: Navi, Did you receive my mail?

Navi: There is no mail for Lain.

MobileNavi: Lain, where are you? We're waiting for you. Be sure to come.

Text: Why don't you come here soon?

Alice: Turn right at the corner.

Alice: Go straight.

Alice: Can you see it?

Lain: Yes.

Alice: It's at the basement of the building.

Taro: Hey, you.

Myu-Myu: I can't pass.

Taro: If you do it like that, you'll be caught by the Information Surveillance Center soon.

Masayuki: Isn't it safe to just hack?

Myu-Myu: Later, at that Game Center...

Juri: You're late, Lain.

Reika: Normally, you'd be in bed at this time.

Juri: Lain, you should wear something for suitable for a nightclub.

Alice: How about we choose some adult clothes for Lain next time?

Reika: Are you sure they'll match her?

Alice: Reika!

Juri: In the end...

Alice: What?

Juri: The one we saw last night wasn't Lain.

Reika: I said so. Lain won't wear clothes like that, and won't speak so roughly.

Lain: Did she look that much like me?

Juri: Yes, I thought that she must be Lain.

Lain: So...

Alice: Lain?

Reika: Why is she hanging behind?

Alice: Reika, Take care of Juri, please.

Reika: Alice? Alice!

Boy: Don't look at me!

Alice: Lain! What are you doing? Run away now! Lain!

Boy: Go away!

Alice: Lain...

Boy: ...Ah...

Boy: Why did you make me do such a thing?

Boy: Do you have any right to make me do this?

Boy: I just wanted to clear my head.

Boy: I don't know. I have nothing to do with it. You are... like God.

Boy: I have nothing to do with it.

Boy: The Wired must not interfere with the real world.

Boy: I have nothing to do with it. Who are you?

Boy: I have nothing to do with it... I have nothing to do with it...

Lain: No matter where you go, everyone is connected.

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)

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