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Voice: I believe you've heard of Lain.

Voice: "Lain in the wired".

Title: PSYCHE Layer:03

Police: Are your parents out? I called your house, but nobody answered.

Lain: I didn't lie.

Police: Well, I don't think you're lying.

Police: I'm sure you are Iwakura Lain, and your address and telephone number are right. I already confirmed them.

Police: Although it has nothing to do with you, you shouldn't be so quiet.

Police: It's late. I'll escort you home.

Police: But you have to talk properly next time.

Alice: Lain, sorry. It's our fault. Are you all right?

Alice: Are you all right, Lain?

Lain: A...

Alice: What?


Alice's mother: Alice! Let's go back.

Alice: Sorry...sorry, Lain. Let's talk tomorrow. Sorry.


Police: Now, you go home too.

Police: Do you have your key?

Lain: Yes.

Lain: Message...

Navi: There are no messages for Lain.

Lain: Good night, Navi.

Navi: Good night, Lain.

Mother: You overslept and are late for school.

Mother: Don't you think that it's shameful as a junior high school student?

Lain: Mom, last night...

Mother: What?

Lain: ...Nothing.

Voice: Lain... Lain... Lain...

Voice: I'm here. Can you hear me?

Lain: Who?

Voice: You are not alone.

Girls: Wow! Great!

Girls: Did he look good?

Girls: His face wasn't shown on TV.

Girls: Did you see his face?

Girls: Actually you were there, weren't you?

Juri: Yes, but...

Reika: You were screaming. You saw his face, didn't you?

Juri: Yes, but... just a little.

Reika: You were too scared to see.

Alice: Lain!

Juri: Lain, Were you scolded yesterday?

Reika: It wasn't our fault.

Alice: Sorry.

Girls: Yes, Alice was the closest to the criminal.

Girls: Did his bload splatter everywhere?

Juri: Talk to them.

Girls: Come on, Alice...

Commentary: If you use Psyche as a processor, you're missing the point.

Commentary: As multi-purpose information terminals, Navis have become popular even among schoolchildren.

Commentary: But, the activity in the wired is limited by the performance of Navis even now.

Commentary: Psyche can increase any of a Navi's functions.

Chisa: I wasn't needed in the real world.

Chisa: It didn't make a difference whether I was there or not.

Chisa: When I realized that, I wasn't afraid to abandon the flesh.

Voice: Who is Lain?

Lain: What?

Voice: Who is Lain? Who is Lain? ...

Alice: It's strange. I'm sure we saw someone dying right in front of us last night.

Alice: But we felt as if we were watching a movie.

Reika: I know we were right there, but I felt like it wasn't real.

Juri: Alice, don't take it so seriously.

Alice: No. I'm saying it's strange because we can't take it seriously.

Alice: Lain? Is that a love letter?

Others: Really?

Lain: No... Perhaps.

Reika: Show me, show me.

Alice: Stop it.

Reika: Hmm... It's a brown envelope.

Juri: What does it say?

Juri: ...What's this?

Reika: This is boring!

Lain: Psyche...

Woman's Voice: No, someone peeped at my voicemail! I can't believe it!

Man's Voice: There is no relevant information in the resume which we received.

Man's Voice: We are examining it for your company...

Woman's Voice: I love kissing. It makes me happy by itself.

Boy's Voice: After the kid made a silly incident with Accela, the supplier was scared, and now we can hardly get them.

Man's Voice: Psyche seemed to be made in Taiwan.

Man's Voice: And, there's a rumor that Psyche was designed by a group named "Knights". But I'm not sure "Knights" really exists.

Girl's Voice: Did you feel good while dying?

Boy's Voice: Yes. I felt like hugging myself for joy.

Alice's Voice: No! There's someone in my room! A child-sized, wrinkled person is looking at me. ...Help me!

Girl's Voice: I have a photograph of you with your secret lover.

Girl's Voice: I only want to trade. If you won't buy this, I'll upload this into the server in your company...

Girl's Voice: Lain, why don't you come here?

Navi: Lain has mail.

Lain: Navi...

Father: Lain, have you gotten used to your new Navi?

Lain: Do you know about this?

Father: No.

Lain: But... Dad... I though you would know.

Father: I said no.

Boy: Why don't you...?

Girl: No. No. I can't.

Boy: I love you. Please...

JJ: Lain!

JJ: Why haven't you come here in a while?

Lain: I...

JJ: Huh? You look too girlish today.

JJ: I want to have another "rave". Organize it again, please.

Taro: What, are you trying to look good?

Masayuki: So are you!

Lain: Do you know about this?

Taro: Isn't it "Psyche"?

Masayuki: Really?

Myu-Myu: I've never seen this.

Masayuki: Where did you buy it?

Lain: Do you know about this?

Masayuki: What are you saying? With this, you can access the Wired without using devices.

Lain: How should I use this?

Myu-Myu: Idiot! You don't even know something like that.

Masayuki: Please, sell it to me, sell it to me!

Taro: Idiot! You can't buy this anywhere.

Masayuki: What model is your Navi?

Lain: I'm not sure.

Lain: But, it should be the newest model made by Tachibana.

Kids: That's great!

Taro: Did you try opening it up?

Taro: Are you grade 2 of junior high, or grade 3?

Lain: 2.

Masayuki: Then, I assume you've studied "Information Basics".

Masayuki: The basic layout of the Navi is drawn in the textbook.

Masayuki: Connect this to the back of the board at the main processor.

Masayuki: It will intercept the original information to the processor and it will work automatically.

Masayuki: It's easier than building a plastic model.

Masayuki: Just be careful of the static electricity.

Lain: Thank you.

Taro: Wait, information isn't for free both on the Wired and in the real world.

Masayuki: How much? How much?

Taro: Are you Lain?

Taro: I saw you in the wired once.

Taro: But you looked quite different.

Taro: It's common to have a different personality in the Wired.

Taro: But yours are quite opposite.

Myu-Myu: Really?

Taro: You were here when the silly incident happened here, weren't you?

Taro: What are you up to?

Lain: What can I do?

Taro: Go on a date with me.

Taro: But not the way you are now, I want the wild Lain.

Taro: N...No. I was joking.

Taro: When you like, please...

Taro: That's all. Let's go!

Mika: Who are you? Do you have any business in my home?

ManInBlack1: You didn't meet us.

Mika: What? I'll call the police!

MIB2: Because we are not here now.

Mika: No... What?

Mika: Mom, call the police if they come again.

Mika: Mom, are you listening?

Mika: ...What are you doing, Lain?

Mika: ...What are you doing, dressed like that?

Lain: I've heard that I have to avoid static electricity.

Lain: It's better to remove your clothes.

Mika: Are you stupid?

Lain: Ah... Welcome home, sister!

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)